Kumkum Bhagya June 11, 2019 Written Update: Pragya slaps Rhea

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Abhi learns about Rhea’s plan to dupe Prachi in order to seek revenge. Later, Pragya slaps Rhea as she learns about her immature plan.
Kumkum Bhagya June 11, 2019 Written Update: Pragya slaps RheaKumkum Bhagya June 11, 2019 Written Update: Pragya slaps Rhea
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In the last episode, Pragya and Abhi reach the camp site and while Abhi rushed to the hill to look for Rhea, Pragya comes to Prachi’s aid; both being unaware of each other’s presence. Not finding any clue about Rhea on the hill, Abhi comes to the camp site to confront Prachi while Pragya goes to the hill to look for Mr. Mehra and know more about Rhea. Abhi comes to Prachi and accuses her to have pushed Rhea from the hill in rage and not have any control over her anger. He demanded to know what made her cross the limits and push Rhea from the hill, as the matters could have been solved at home. He also holds Prachi responsible for acting opposite to what he had thought her to be and lames her mother for her wrong upbringing.

Prachi tells Abhi whatever had happened was Rhea’s fault and not hers and to not blame her mother as she had suggested they make peace. She narrates the whole incident to Abhi and tells him that she always considered him like her father-figure and she would never lie to him. Abhi sees Prachi’s innocence and assures her that he would find out the truth. Here, Vikram gets a call from Pallavi and he informs her about the possibility that Prachi must have pushed Rhea in rage. Meera breaks down while Pallavi consoles her and tells her that everything would be alright. Mitali hears Meera’s cries and learns about Rhea’s accident. Mitali tells Meera not to inform Daasi about Rhea’s accident while Meera rushes to reach the camp site to find Rhea. In the meantime, on the hill, the rescue team informs Pragya that they did not find Rhea and highlights the possibility of Rhea being taken away by some wild animal.

Just then Sarla gives a call to Pragya and learns about Prachi being blamed for pushing Rhea. She offers to come to the camp site to help Pragya protect Prachi and leaves from home. Pragya leaves for the camp site and gets distressed about the cops coming to interrogate Prachi about the accident. Prachi assures Pragya that Mr. Mehra would help her come out of the trouble that she was in, but Pragya doubts his integrity as according to her, he would defend his daughter than protecting Prachi. In the meantime, Abhi goes to meet Rhea’s friends and tells Dimpi to show him the photographs that she had taken during the fight. Abhi scans the photograph and comes to know that Dimpi was hiding behind a rock and was taking the picture, while she should have gone and stopped the fight. On scanning the phone further, Abhi finds several calls from Rhea’s phone made on Dimpi’s and demanded to know the truth. Dimpi gets caught by Abhi and blurts the entire plan in front of Abhi.

Abhi gets furious and goes to get Rhea inside the barn where she was hiding. Rhea was taking selfies when Abhi reached the barn and on listening to her false story, get raged and tells her how unforgiving he was for her mistake. Abhi comes to the camp site and apologizes to the principal and tells them about the plan that Rhea had made to seek revenge from Prachi. He apologizes to Prachi for pointing figure on her mother’s upbringing while he should have blamed his own. Pragya finds Rhea mid-way and asks whether or not she was in pain due to the accident. Rhea confides in Pragya and tells her about her plan. Pragya slaps Rhea while she remained shocked.

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