Kumkum Bhagya June 12, 2019 Written Update: Pragya’s word of wisdom to Rhea

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Pragya advices Rhea not to head towards a path which would harm her and her close ones. Later, Rhea seek help from Pragya as her father aka Abhi had fallen ill.
Kumkum Bhagya June 12, 2019 Written Update: Pragya’s word of wisdom to RheaKumkum Bhagya June 12, 2019 Written Update: Pragya’s word of wisdom to Rhea
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In the last episode, Abhi learns about Rhea’s plan to dupe Prachi in order to seek revenge. Later, Pragya slaps Rhea as she learns about her immature plan. Rhea takes Pragya’s slap in her stride and tells her that she felt belongingness and concern in the way Pragya behaved, which lacked in Abhi recently. Pragya tells Rhea that she did not slap her because of her daughter but for her (Rhea). She tells Rhea that because of her plan to trap Prachi, she had put herself in danger while stressing four others along with her. Rhea seeks apology from Pragya and hugs her, realising her mistake. Pragya tells Rhea that she had forgiven her but tells her that she should not behave immaturely henceforth. Rhea assured Pragya that she wouldn’t behave immaturely henceforth but tells Pragya that she should check on her often.

Rhea and Pragya bond together and Pragya feels how miserable Rhea was because of the absence of her mother. Here, Abhi comes to Prachi and apologizes to her. Prachi tells Abhi not to feel guilty as according to her, he was the best father. Prachi wipes Abhi’s tears, which reminds him of Kiara. Abhi comes to the car and finds Rhea in it along with Vikram. He gets angry on Rhea and indirectly tells Vikram to tell her not to speak to him. A strong breeze prevailed and a worker tells Abhi that he would not be able to go ahead as the bridge was broken. He suggested that they stay in a guest house which was nearby in order to be safe. Abhi, Vikram and Rhea goes to the guest house and check themselves in. While Abhi directly goes to his room, Vikram makes sure Rhea was okay and cheers her.

Later, the principal along with Pragya and the student comes to the same guest house, as because of the broken bridge, they couldn’t move ahead. Everyone checks in and Rhea notices Prachi in the lobby while she was looking for Abhi’s room. In the meantime, Vikram tries to convince Abhi to forgive Rhea while he stated the fact that Rhea wasn’t making mistakes but was heading towards a wrong path. Vikram insisted to pacify, but Abhi tells him to leave him alone for some time.  

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