Kumkum Bhagya March 6, 2019 preview: Abhi asks Tanu about Kiara's whereabouts

In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi confronts Tanu and asks her about Nikhil's whereabouts.
Kumkum Bhagya March 6, 2019 preview: Abhi asks Tanu about Kiara's whereaboutsKumkum Bhagya March 6, 2019 preview: Abhi asks Tanu about Kiara's whereabouts
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In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, it is seen that Abhi comes up with another plan to get back Kiara. He approaches the various news channels and publicises the fact about Kiara's kidnapping. He also declares that he will not be giving the ransom money to the kidnappers but only to that person who will be giving information about Kiara. However, Pragya and the rest of the family members are against his decision and chide him for taking such a risky decision. But Abhi persuades them by telling them the kidnappers will be hurting Kiara anyways even if they get their money and also tells them that he has taken the right decision in order to ensure her safety. 

Later on, Abhi doubles the total amount of money so that the kidnappers are lured into providing him the details about Kiara's whereabouts. On the other hand, Nikhil gets furious over Abhi who seems to have spoiled his entire plan. Abhi then tells Nikhil that he has been bluffing about Kiara being in his custody. Nikhil, in order to provide proof, brings Kiara and makes Abhi listen to her voice. Later on, both Abhi and Pragya are shocked when they suddenly hear a gunshot and assume that Kiara is dead. But Ashish convinces that the kidnapper hasn't shot Kiara but his bullet has hit a metal pole instead. Meanwhile King visits Pragya and both of them discuss that Abhi's plan won't work out. Divya overhears their conversation and says that the kidnappers won't leave Kiara even after getting the money.

Pragya, however, asks her to be silent about the entire matter. After sometime Pragya complains of extreme pain in her stomach. In the promo of the upcoming episode, it is seen that Abhi will be meet Tanu and threaten her with the help of a knife. He even tries to manhandle her and asks her to inform him about Kiara's whereabouts. This makes Tanu scared who then reveals that Nikhil has kidnapped Kiara. Now, it will be known only in the upcoming episode regarding how will Abhi finally save Kiara from the clutches of Nikhil. 

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