Kumkum Bhagya November 28, 2019 Written Update: Ranbir and Aryan Get Caught

In today's episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya will have a argument over the issue of Rishi and Priyanka and Ranbir gets drunk and trips over a furniture alerting Principal and his wife.
Kumkum Bhagya November 28, 2019 Written Update: Ranbir and Aryan Get Caught
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The episode starts with Purab talking to Abhi about his marraiage with Aaliya and says that he is feeling very suffocated in this marriage. He further adds that he is trying to keep her happy but she is insecure of Disha and thinks he still loves her. Abhi calms Purab down. Aaliya listens to all this ang gets saddened. A few guests call her and she then becomes busy in attending them. Disha brings Pragya too to the same party and tells that she is her family. Disha then introduces Pragya to Mr.Juneja and Mr.Khurana and tell them that she has a very good taste in music. Mr. Khurana then calls Abhi and tells that Disha is handling their media event planning, Abhi replies that he knows that Disha has a good taste in music. Mr. Juneja says that he maybe knowing Disha but isnt aware about Disha's sister's, Pragya's, taste in music. Disha think's something is bothering Pragya.

Priyanka goes into Rishi's bedroom and thinks that if they cannot live together then will die together. Just as Rishi is about to come out of bathroom Priyanka hides and blames it all on Rishi and says if they cannot meet alive their souls will meet. Pragya teels Disha that she knows what she's thinking that why is she behaving like this. Disha says she inspires the way Pragya is and wants to be like her. Pragya says she just takes a stand for what is right, but this breaks her in some situation. Meanwhile Abhi asks Purab how and when will things become fine. Purab tells Abhi to talk to Pragya and not let the Priyanka's issue in between. That's when Abhi tells him that Priyanka is dead. She committed suicide and Rishi forced her to take this extreme step. Whereas Pragya tells Disha that she knows that Priyanka is alive and is hiding somewhere in Delhi but the question is how to find her. 

While searching for the papers, Ranbir says that something was mixed in the glass and falls to the ground. Aryan turns around and finds him sleeping on the ground. He tries to wake up Ranbir and as Ranbir wakes up he trips and the study table falls to the ground. The principal and his wife gets alerted. Rhea comes back from Paris and meets her friends at the airport. Shaina tells to Rhea that Prachi and Ranbir are getting closer and Dimpy tells that she may soon become his girlfriend which may affect Rhea's popularity. Rhea says she will handle it all and wants to meet her dad for now.

Pragya confronts Abhi and asks her if he is still angry with her. Abhi says that it doesn't matter as Rishi is more important to Pragya as compared to Abhi's happiness and leaves. Aaliya gets happy seeing Abhi and Pragya argue. Meanwhile Prachi and Shahana reach Principal's house and enter through the window. They ask Ranbir and Aryan what are they doing here and why is Ranbir drunk. Shahana puts all the blame on Aryan and says he involved Ranbir in all this. Aryan slashes out at Shahana and says he got involved with Ranbir and it was his plan. Meanwhile they hear Principal and his wife coming down. Ranbir gets his hand on the papers and Prachi says that Shahana will distract Principal and his wife and they will try and get Aryan and Ranbir out of house.

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I love kumkum bhagya
I want to see soon abigaya

I love kumkum bhagya
I want to see soon abigaya

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