Kumkum Bhagya November 29, 2019 Written Update: Pragya answers Aaliya

Today in Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya and Aaliya get into a fight and Priyanka is about to stab Rishi
Kumkum Bhagya November 29, 2019 Written Update: Pragya answers Aaliya
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The episode starts with Prachi askind Aryan to take Ranbir back to car and that he is smelling of alcohol from his mouth. Prachi quickly gets out through the window and just then Principal and his wife come in and get doubtful that maybe the thives were his college students. Just then they hear the sound od the car and when they are about to check Shahana drops a pot to divert them and silently walks into another room. Rhea returns back home and Meera comes and hugs her and tells her that she missed her a lot. Pallavi to comes in and hugs Rhea. Meera asks Rhea that she came early as she was about to come after a few more days to which she replies that she came back early because she was missing them. Rhea asks Pallavi about Ranbir and Aryan and she says that they have gone ou to meet some of their friends and had some important work too. Meera takes Rhea with her. Vikram questions Pallvi about increased intrest of Rhea ain Ranbir and she says he is her son and is deserved to get such an attention.

Meanwhile at the party Aaliya blocks Pragya's path and asks her to leave Bhai alone as he doesn't want to tlk to her. She furthers goes on insulting her asking why is she so stuck to their house and why is she begging for Bhai's attention and that she is middle class and is destined to remain one forever. Pragya gets really angry and slashes at Aaliya telling her that perviously they had some relation due to which she was quiet but now as that it also over she should beware or else the anger Pragya holds for Aaliya over all these years will be all out at once and the consequences will be worst.

Rhea is in her room when she recalls Dimpy's words about increasing closeness between Prachi and Ranbir. Soon Meera comes in and asks Rhea to eat something and her reason to come back early. She replies she wanted surity that her Dad loves her more and that her Mum left her. Meera keeps explaining to Rhea that her Mom loves her as much as anyonelse but Rhea is admant that she doesn't. Soon Meera leaves and asks Rhea to sleep. Rhea gets insecured thinking about Prachi and Ranbir and calla both of them but thir phone is unavailabe.

Shahana manages to come out towards the car. Prachi scolds Ranbir for stealing the question paper and asks him to do hard work and use his mind. Ranbir laughs. Prachi says you are already popular, how much popular you want. She says study well and get good marks. She says we have saved you from Principal and asks him to get drowned in water if he has any shame. Ranbir asks if she has gone mad and says you came here to save yourself. Prachi says you are selfish. Aryan tries to take Ranbir in car. Shahana takes Prachi with her in the cab. Aryan takes Ranbir in the car. Principal and Shilpa come out. He says there is nobody, seems like they went.

Priyanka is in Rishi’s room while the latter is sleeping. She stares him and drops the knife. She then picks it up and says everything is your mistake, we couldn’t be together because of you. We couldn’t live together, but will die together. If not we, then our souls will unite. She is about to stab knife to him, just then she hears Madhu calling Rishi. She hides. Madhu comes there and wakes up Rishi, calling him out as Sarita behen refused to eat medicine. Priyanka is hiding and thinks all these women are hindering in her love story. She tells that she has decided not to trouble her love in court case and will kill him when he returns to sleep. She says then she will also die.

Disha asks hritik to stop crying and tells that she brought Pragya di with her. Hrithik tells that his value is getting less day by day. Disha says Pragya di is coming and ends the call. She asks Pragya what is going on as she saw jiju going from there. Pragya says she had an argument with Aaliya. Disha gets happy and laughs, says I am very proud of you. Aaliya sees them. Pragya says my mood was wrong, she came at wrong time else I would have talked nicely. Disha says she deserves this. Pragya says we shall meet and talk with everyone nicely. Disha says you shall behave with the world like they behave with you. Pragya says ok. Aaliya thinks Disha can’t snatch purab from her and thinks insecurity brings anger. She thinks Purab wants Disha, but he is just mine. She gets Rhea’s call and thinks to answer Pragya using Rhea. She thinks to make their life hell.

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