Kumkum Bhagya November 7, 2019 Written Update: Prachi gets intoxicated

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Rhea and Priyanka succeed in ruining Prachi’s image by trapping her in their plan. Elsewhere, Abhi visits Purab at Disha’s house to inform him about Aalia.
Kumkum Bhagya November 7, 2019 Written Update: Prachi gets intoxicatedKumkum Bhagya November 7, 2019 Written Update: Prachi gets intoxicated
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In the previous episode, we see how Abhi saves Purab from getting caught while Ranbir keeps an eye on Prachi’s over-friendly behaviour with Sanju. Elsewhere, Rhea intoxicates Prachi’s drink. Rhea calls Sanju and tells him that both the glasses had powder mixed and that he should not consume any of it but make Prachi drink. Sanju assured Rhea that the work will be done. Rhea’s friend, Dimpi spreads the rumour that Prachi was behind Sanju and wanted to impress him. The waiter comes and hands over the drink to Prachi. Sanju insist that Prachi consume the drink, as it was the last drink that they would share before he leaves for Hoshiyarpur. Prachi takes the glass and consumes the intoxicated drink.

Meanwhile, Abhi comes to meet Purab at Disha’s house and enters along with Ritik. Disha gets excited to see Abhi and welcomes him in her house. She offers to make coffee for him and asks Ritik to help her. While they go into the kitchen, Abhi tells Purab about his narrow escape from Aalia. Purab gets stunned and thanked Abhi for his help.

Here, Sanju cleverly poured ketchup on Prachi’s dress while she was stumbling on the drink. He suggested Prachi that she should clean herself and she, still high on the drink sways her way to the room where Rhea had installed the CCTV camera. According to their plan, Sanju makes sure Prachi accidentally spills water on his clothes and while she went in the washroom to clean the ketchup, Sanju opens the kurta and waits for Prachi to return. Prachi, with heavy head comes out and falls on the bed. Sanju lies beside her and hoped Rhea would have done her bit to make their plan a success. On the other hand, Rhea had connected the projector to the CCTV and had shown the clip where Prachi and Sanju were lying next to each other.

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