Kumkum Bhagya November 8, 2019 Written Update: Prachi was accused

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Aalia, Priyanka and Rhea aim at Prachi while Vikram, Shahana and Beeji tried to defend her. Elsewhere, Abhi and Purab planned to play a game and make Disha confess the truth.
Kumkum Bhagya November 8, 2019 Written Update: Prachi was accusedKumkum Bhagya November 8, 2019 Written Update: Prachi was accused
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In the previous episode, we see how Rhea and Priyanka succeed in ruining Prachi’s image by trapping her in their plan. Elsewhere, Abhi visits Purab at Disha’s house to inform him about Aalia. Aalia gets infuriated to see the CCTV footage. She orders Rhea to bring Prachi and tells everyone that nobody would interfere. Rhea goes inside the room and pretends to get angry on the situation. She murmurs and tells Sanju not to talk to her and instructed them to come down. Prachi gets shocked to see Rhea angry and asks what had happened. Rhea rudely tells Prachi to come down and rush, as nobody had all day to wait for her.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Purab discuss about the plan by which they could make Disha confess the truth. Abhi tells Purab that if he needed to know the truth, they could do so by playing a placard game. In that game, the answers should match with their partner’s and that is how they could know if Disha knew Ritik well. Disha discuss about his studies and business in the kitchen while making coffee and that leaves Ritik baffled. He wondered why Disha was suddenly showing interest in him and asks her about it. Disha tells Ritik to answer what she was asking and not question her about anything. Later, they bring coffee for Abhi and Purab and Abhi suggest they play a game.

Shahana comes to the party and find everyone accuse Prachi. She asks what the matter was and Priyanka answers her rudely. Seeing Priyanka’s rudeness, Vikram tried to stop Priyanka but Aalia supports Priyanka. Priyanka tells Shahana that she should have been there while Prachi planned to show her true colours. Beeji tried to control Priyanka but Aalia tells her that Priyanka was not doing anything but saying what Prachi had done. Priyanka tells Shahana that Prachi was in the room with her boyfriend and that too in their house. She tells Shahana that if Prachi wanted to come closer to some guy, she could have done it outside or at her home. Shahana feels ridiculous and stops Priyanka.

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