Kumkum Bhagya October 9, 2019 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya’s fresh start

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Disha gets an intuition that it was a fresh start of Abhi and Pragya’s love. Later, Abhi had a nightmare and calls up Disha to ask about Pragya.
Kumkum Bhagya October 9, 2019 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya’s fresh startKumkum Bhagya October 9, 2019 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya’s fresh start
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Pragya walks away, but Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and asks her whether or not he was so wrong, that she did not even want to talk to him. Pragya tells Abhi that she had to urgently go somewhere and that she would speak to him some other time. Abhi tried to stop her but she walks away leaving Ahi heart-broken. Pragya goes to the hospital along with Disha to see how Rishi was doing and asks the doctor about Rishi’s health. The doctor prescribes some medicines but tells Pragya that other than taking rest, Rishi was okay. The police take Rishi to the prison while Pragya leaves with Disha, hoping to get a bail the next day.

Abhi comes home and talks his heart out in front of Pragya’s photo in his wallet, just when Meera knocks. Abhi tells Meera about meeting Pragya outside the police station which shocks her. Abhi tells her that he and Pragya spoke for a while and like always, she proved him wrong. Meera asks Abhi why did not he bring Pragya home. Abhi regrets having thought about that and tells Meera that the next time he meets Pragya, he would follow her and get to know where she was put up, so that he could convince her to come home. Meera half-heartedly wished Abhi luck and leaves.

Meanwhile, Disha asks Pragya about what had happened at the police station. Pragya tells Disha about how Abhi was supporting the wrong once again and in spite of supporting the wrong, he wasn’t willing to listen to what she had to say. Disha defends Abhi and Pragya gets annoyed and goes in the washroom to ignore the conversation about Abhi. Disha feels that unknowingly, Abhi and Pragya had found their fresh start in the fights. Disha knew that if Pragya and Abhi met each other time and again, they wouldn’t be able to stay away from each other for long. Here, Pragya comes in Abhi’s dream and haunts him. Abhi calls Disha and asks her for Pragya’s number. Disha tells Abhi that Pragya was sleeping and that he should call in the morning, if he wanted to speak to her.

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