Kundali Bhagya, 16 August 2021, Written Update: A ray of hope for Preeta and Karan

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Kundali Bhagya, 16 August 2021, Written Update: A ray of hope for Preeta and Karan

This episode begins with Preeta and Karan being hopeful regarding their chance to have a child after Sona’s suggestion. Sona quickly calls her doctor and arranges an appointment for them. Meanwhile, Sherlyn is angry and asks Prithvi to take revenge on Kritika on her behalf. He is shocked to hear it and tries to cover up for Kritika, but she is sure of her intentions. 

The next morning, Kareena bua and Sona’s mother-in-law search for Preeta, Karan and Sona and they get tensed as they were unable to spot them. While the two of them were worried about their whereabouts, they were at the doctors clinic. 

The doctor left them with a ray of hope and said that there are few complications but Preeta can get pregnant. She immediately informs Sarla about the same. Sarla is very happy after hearing this news and she blesses Sona and thanks to her and Karan for supporting Preeta and comforting her. 

Later, Sherlyn and Kareena bua watch’s Karan and Preeta getting emotional. Sherlyn says to Kareena that why do they always cry and don’t seem happy? After all they are expecting a little one in this world! Sherlyn subtly tries to say that maybe there isn’t a baby and this angers Kareena. She asks her to stop talking and questions Preeta about the baby’s health and reason for their visit to the doctor. Karan makes up a lie and tries to divert the topic.

He later says to Preeta that they will tell the truth to everyone after some time and will say that there will be some complications with the delivery. Later, both of them get ready to attend the wedding and Preeta feels thankful for Karan for supporting her throughout everything. 

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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