Kundali Bhagya, 23 September 2021, Written Update: Rishabh says 'I love you' to Sherlin

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Kundali Bhagya, 23 September 2021, Written Update: Rishabh says 'I love you' to Sherlin (Image: ZEE5 YouTube)

In today's episode, the two goons enter the Luthra mansion, they are finding the drugs and each room of the house. They talk to each other about taking out their guns, so if anyone stops them they can escape from there. One goon named Shaka points at the guest room which was filled with Ladoo's boxes. While they were talking, Sarla hears them and gets worried. Sarla decides to go behind the goons and see who are they. As Sarla reaches near them and calls them to stop and asks for help. Goons tell her that they are busy with work and can not help her. Sarla suddenly snatches the fake beard of the goon but still, she manages to act like she does not know anything. 

Sarla runs from their and goons also runs behind her, so that Sarla can not tell anyone about their plan. On the other hand, the other two goons enter the guest room and find their drugs in Ladoo's boxes. They grabbed a sheet and start packing all the drug boxes in the sheet but suddenly Pihu enters the room and shouts at them that they are stealing here. One goon takes his knife out and was about to grab Pihu but Preeta comes there at the right moment. Goons hide the knife and act innocent, Pihu tells Preeta that they are stealing laddoo. Preeta says sorry to the goons because of Pihu and asks them to bring Ladoo to the puja. 

On the other hand, Rakhi and Kareena were teaching Rishabh, how to say I love you. They were teasing Rishabh and ask him to say I love you to Sherlin and hugs her also. At the moment Rakhi and Kareena hide behind the curtains, and Sherlin comes into the room. Rishabh gets nervous and says I love you to her and tells her to go. But Rakhi signals him to hug Sherlin and he again calls Sherlin and this time he hugs and her and says I love you. Sherlin gets shocked and started thinking about his behaviour.

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