Kundali Bhagya, 3 December 2021, Written Update: Media reaches at Luthra house

Published on Dec 03, 2021 05:49 PM IST  |  390.9K
Kundali Bhagya, 3 December 2021, Written Update: Media reaches at Luthra house
Kundali Bhagya, 3 December 2021, Written Update: Media reaches at Luthra house

In today's episode, Karan was driving the car, while Preeta was hiding in the back of the car. Preeta recalls how Karan stopped her from going with him but she did not want to stay away from Pihu. Meanwhile, Sonakshi was with the kidnapper, she ordered him to maintain a distance from Karan’s car. Sonakshi dials the number which is already placed in the car, Karan gets worried. Preeta also thinks if this is her mobile. Karan answers the call, Sonakshi orders him to first throw his mobile out of the car so they are sure that no one is tracking his car. Karan refuses to do it but Sonakshi explains he has no other choice. Sonaskhi praises him when he gets shocked; however, Sonakshi orders Karan to drive on the road like she is saying. 

Sonaskhi orders him to stop his car and then shift the money bag which is placed behind his seat and does not have the tracker. Sonakshi asks to throw the bag in the dust bin. Sonakshi then asks him to reach the mill which is closed. Sonakshi is with the kidnapper who praises him saying that she has even changed the location and has made Karan throw the bag. Meanwhile, Vinod calls Bhosle explaining how he needs a favour; he explains there is a case relating to a kidnapping which involves Pihu. Bhosle exclaims she is the daughter of Karan Luthra. Vinod explains they cannot take the help of the police or any other agency. He wants Bhosle to follow the car of Karan as they have already placed the tracker but Bhosle asks for the car number mentioning that the kidnappers tend to change the location of the meet from where they had originally agreed to. So Bhosle has to follow Karan for Pihu and his safety. 

After this when Karan reaches the destination, some policemen kill the goons. And Karan gets angry with the police. Meanwhile, some reporters come to the Luthra house and starts asking questions to Vinod about Karan and Pihu.

We have seen this episode on channel's OTT platform.

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Worst serial always same story boring don't fool the people please quit this serial as early as possible.