Kundali Bhagya, 30 July 2021, Written Update: Sherlyn knows that Preeta isn’t pregnant

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Kundali Bhagya, 30 July 2021, Written Update: Sherlyn knows that Preeta isn’t pregnant (Image: ZEE TV YouTube)

This episode begins with Shrishti getting scolded by her mother for not keeping her room tidy. On the other hand, Preeta is trying to have a conversation with Karan about her not being pregnant but is unable to do so as she is constantly interrupted, first by a call, then by Sona, and later by Rakhi. At the dinner party, the Luthra family is extra cautious for Preeta which arouses few questions in Sona’s mind and she asks if Preeta is unwell and if they need to consult a doctor. Dadi informs that Preeta is better than ever and is expecting and hence, everyone is being so cautious. Preeta starts crying seeing that everyone is trying so hard to take care of her and her ‘child’. 

Preeta’s mother prepares a list of items to be brought from the market to make a sweater for her grandchild. She also describes that how much happy she is after knowing the news. 

Back in Lonavala, everyone is happy and enjoying themselves while Preeta is carrying the burden of lying to the entire family and keeping away such big news. This situation makes her sad and Sherlyn notices that. She questions Preeta's sadness when everyone is loving her and paying her so much attention. 

Later, Sona’s fiancé arrives and meets the entire family. After few minutes, Preeta takes a leave as she feels fatigued. On the way to her room, she meets a child and plays with her. She feels depressed that she can’t have a child and provide happiness to her family. She cries and says out loud that she isn’t carrying a child and probably will never be able to. Sherlyn hears this and is shocked. 

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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