Kundali Bhagya, 30 November 2021, Written Update: Sherlyn scolds Preeta for Pihu's kidnapping

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 Sherlyn scolds Preeta for Pihu's kidnapping
Kundali Bhagya, 30 November 2021, Written Update: Sherlyn scolds Preeta for Pihu's kidnapping

In today's episode, we saw everyone trying to console Preeta who was crying for Pihu. Suddenly, Sherlyn starts blaming Preeta for Pihu’s kidnapping, Mahesh tells Sherlyn to calm down. Sherlyn tells him that Pihu is like her daughter which is why she is so worried about her. Sherlyn points at Preeta and says that she will not leave Preeta if anything happens to Pihu. Sherlyn starts shouting saying that every bad thing happened with Pihu because of Preeta. 

Even Dadi agrees with Sherlyn and Kareena tells them that she already said that Preeta is not a good mother. Mahesh gets angry with everyone and asks them what happened to them.
Mahesh questions Sherlyn why she is talking so bad about Preeta. Mahesh tells Sherlyn that Preeta is Pihu's mother and she is so hurt right now. Sherlyn gets happy thinking that now she has made everyone fight. 

Preeta was crying so badly while recalling Pihu and her family's words. After a while, everyone comes into the hall, and Karan gets the call from the kidnapper. Preeta takes the phone and asks the kidnapper to leave Pihu. Sonakshi, who was pretending to be a kidnapper on the call, tells Preeta that she wants money. Sonakshi tells her that Preeta herself made her job easy by coming late to pick up Pihu. Preeta cries and asks her how she can say this to her because she herself is also a woman. She asks to understand her pain and return Pihu to her. Karan takes the phone from Preeta and asks Sonakshi who she is because someone else talked with him sometimes back on phone. Karan and Preeta ask her about her demand and plead with her to not harm Pihu. Sonakshi urges Karan to give her 2 crores in 2 hours.

Karan leaves from there to gather some money for the kidnapper. His friend Vinod tells him not to do so. But Karan tells him that the kidnapper can hurt Pihu and he will not let the kidnapper do this. Preeta comes there and tells Vinod that the kidnappers have hackers so we can not locate them.

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