Kundali Bhagya, 7 September 2021, Written Update: Sherlyn is unhappy with Pihu’s presence

Published on Sep 07, 2021 05:20 PM IST  |  53.6K
Kundali Bhagya, 7 September 2021, Written Update: Sherlyn is unhappy with Pihu’s presence

This episode begins with Shristi asking Pihu to call her masi but she refuses to do it and says that she will call her Masi only if Shristi dresses up as Radha. Shristi comments that she does not have  Krishna, Pihu asks Sameer to step in and be the Krishna. Later, both of them dress up as Lord Radha and Krishna and do a dance performance. Pihu then asked the entire family to join in and dance along with Shristi and Sameer.

Everyone accepted her request and gave a beautiful dance performance. Then Rakhi informed Sarla that adopting Pihu was Kareena’s suggestion, Sarla applauded Kareena for giving such a wise suggestion. 

Then they all did puja of Lord Krishna and celebrated his birth. Sarla and Rakhi thanked God for bringing Pihu into Karan and Preeta’s life. 

Pihu then insisted on doing Dahi Handi, Karan picked her up and helped her break the pot. Pihu got happy after the pot broke and the rest of Luthra family got happy seeing her smile. Everyone was celebrating the new member except Sherlyn and Prithvi, they couldn’t bear the smile on Karan and Preeta’s faces. 

After a while, Pihu told them that she is sleepy and wants to rest, Karan and Preeta got into a silly argument regarding who will take Pihu to sleep. Everyone observed the argument and adored this moment. With this Sarla and Shrishti took their leave and kissed Pihu goodbye. 

Meanwhile, Preeta got Pihu ready for bed and then asked her to sleep on her side. Karan got angry seeing this and said that he wants Pihu to sleep on his side. Pihu said that she will sleep in the middle of them and solved their argument. With this, all of them slept with peace. Meanwhile, Sherlyn announces that this is the last time that they will be sleeping at peace. 

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