Kundali Bhagya April 10, 2019 Written Update: Karan gets arrested

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how Kareena catches Shristi and Sameer while they hugged each other and warned them about the consequences. Later, police arrest Karan to break into Sherlyn’s house attempting to kill her.
Kundali Bhagya April 10, 2019 Written Update: Karan gets arrestedKundali Bhagya April 10, 2019 Written Update: Karan gets arrested
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In the previous episode, we see how Karan tries to break in Sherlyn’s house while Rishabh and Preeta wondered about Karan’s whereabouts. Later, Kareena catches Shristi and Sameer hugging each other and gets disgusted. Sameer and Shristi get nervous seeing Kareena outside while she warned Sameer to complain to his family and send him back to his village from where he had come for making a career. Seeing Kareena think ill of them, Shristi intervenes and tells Kareena that they both were just friends and that she will feel bad for Sameer if later she comes to know the truth about their friendship.

While Shristi tried hard to explain Kareena she tells both of them that they both will be punished. Kareena calls at Shristi’s house which Janki picks. Janki and Kareena get involved in an argument as they cannot stand each other. She tells Janki to call Sarla as she wanted to speak to her. Janki lied to Kareena and tells her that Sarla was sleeping. Kareena tells Janki to wake Sarla and call her as her daughter Shristi was creating havoc inside the Luthra family. Janki pretends to be Sarla and talks to Kareena while Kareena complains about Shristi. Janki tells Kareena to send Shristi home and tells Sameer to pack his bags as she was sending Sameer back to Punjab.

Shristi requests Kareena not to send Sameer to Punjab. Kareena puts forth a condition in front of Shristi and tells her to tie rakhi to Sameer in return for her forgiveness. Kareena gets a rakhi and tells her to tie on Sameer’s hand. Shristi denied tying rakhi and put up an act taking Sameer on her side to manipulate Kareena. Shristi comes home to find Janki waiting for her. Janki tells Shristi that she spoke to Kareena faking to be Sarla and that she should explain what happened there to her and not Sarla. Here, Rishabh repeatedly calls Karan who doesn’t pick up his call and tells Preeta about Karan’s irresponsibility.

He tells how Karan always involves him when he had landed himself in trouble. Here, Karan breaks the lock and goes inside Sherlyn’s house. Prithvi had called the police and complained about someone breaking into Sherlyn’s house in order to trap Karan and get the police catch him red-handed. Just when Karan entered the house, Sherlyn starts calling for help while the police come and trap Karan. Karan tells the police that he came in the room as Sherlyn was calling for help and tells Sherlyn to let police know about the truth. Not wanting to support Karan, Sherlyn faints while the police arrest Karan for attempting to kill Sherlyn. 

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