Kundali Bhagya April 12, 2019 Preview: Rishabh to call off his wedding with Sherlyn?

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, all the family members rush to the police station in order to get him released.
Serial updatesKundali Bhagya April 12, 2019 Preview: Rishabh to call off his wedding with Sherlyn?
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Things seem to have turned upside down for the Luthra family once again. In the previous episode of the show, the family members come to know that Karan has landed himself in jail. All the members of the Luthra family rush to the police station in order to meet Karan and get him released. Karan exposes everything about Prithvi and Sherlyn in front of Preeta and Rishabh. However, Preeta and Rishabh are shocked to know about whatever Karan said and they even refuse to believe his words. 

On the other hand, both Prithvi and Sherlyn are worried about getting Karan behind the bars as they become scared that this might lead to failure of their plans. In the promo of the upcoming episode, Preeta is seen getting emotional after seeing Karan in jail and she even cries for him. She eventually scolds him for doing such kinds of dangerous things which always cause trouble for him. She also informs Karan that he has made her more worried about his well - being. Karan too gets emotional after seeing Preeta getting worried for him and suddenly hugs her.



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Meanwhile, Rishabh goes to Sherlyn's home and chides her for putting Karan behind the bars without him committing any kind of offence. He even threatens Sherlyn that he will call of their wedding as she does not respect his family at all. Does this mean that Prithvi and Sherlyn have failed in executing their plans? Will everyone ever come to know that Prithvi is the real mastermind behid everything. 

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