Kundali Bhagya April 12, 2019 Written Update: Karan appears to be guilty

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how Rishabh gets furious on Sherlyn who blamed Karan for having ill intentions. Later, Prithvi manipulates the facts and convinces Preeta about being innocent.
Kundali Bhagya April 12, 2019 Written Update: Karan appears to be guiltyKundali Bhagya April 12, 2019 Written Update: Karan appears to be guilty
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In the previous episode, we see how Preeta and Rishabh doesn’t trust Karan when he tried to explain the prevailing relationship between Prithvi and Sherlyn. Later, Rishabh calls Karan’s behaviour towards Sherlyn, his ego, not wanting to believe on his words. The inspector tells Mahesh to complete the formalities and take Karan with them. Rishabh calls Sherlyn to come to the police station to withdraw her complain however she doesn’t pick his call. Seeing Rishabh repeatedly call her, Sherlyn picks the call when Rishabh tells her that he was coming to meet her. Here, Preeta and Karan leave for home, but on the way Preeta gets furious on Karan for his actions. Seeing Preeta get mad at him, Karan hugs Preeta, seeing her concern for him. He apologised to her and tells her that he wasn’t aware he will land up behind bars for what he was doing.

Here, Rishabh goes to take Sherlyn by telling her to come with him for withdrawing her complain. Sherlyn wanted to play foul and intended to see Rishabh beg her. She denied to go with Rishabh and tells him that she felt Karan had come with a wrong intention to molest her. Rishabh gets annoyed seeing Sherlyn blame Karan and breaks his ties with her. He tells Sherlyn how he wouldn’t be able to marry someone who thinks low of his own brother. Here, Preeta and Karan goes to Prithvi’s house to check on him but finds no one in the house. Preeta calls Prithvi to know where he was and he puts up an act telling Preeta that he was admitted in the hospital. Preeta rushed to the hospital where Karan behaves rudely with Prithvi. Seeing Karan behave ruthlessly with Prithvi, Preeta tried to stop him. Prithvi tells Preeta that he had left with Sherlyn just to drop her home and that he had no other intentions.



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Prithvi told Preeta that he had lied to Kareena that his mother was waiting for him so that he could leave the Luthra house without troubling anyone. Prithvi gains Preeta’s sympathy by telling her that he was in acute pain and wanted to come to the hospital to meet the doctors and hence had left the Luthra house. While Karan knew Prithvi had lied about the whole episode, Preeta buys Prithvi’s story and blames Karan for trying to put Prithvi down. 

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