Kundali Bhagya August 16, 2019 Written Update: Karan defends Preeta

Today in Kundali Bhagya, the jewellery that Sherlyn had accused Preeta of stealing, got found at her home. Later, Karan tried to convince the police and defended Preeta.
Kundali Bhagya August 16, 2019 Written Update: Karan defends PreetaKundali Bhagya August 16, 2019 Written Update: Karan defends Preeta
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Sarla tells the inspector that since he had searched the entire house, they could now start with the rituals. Sherlyn tells the inspector that she had seen Preeta steal the jewellery and that he could not let her go so easily. Just then, a lady constable comes and tells then inspector that she had found the jewellery. Here, Sameer takes the necklace from Sherlyn’s cupboard and by escaping Rishabh’s eyes, wanted to go to Preeta’s house and prove her innocent.

Rishabh finds Mahesh alone in his room and worried for him, as the nurse was missing from the room. Rishabh talks to Mahesh and tells him that he was not being able to handle everything alone and that he wanted him back. Here, Sherlyn recalls how she had ordered a new jewellery in order to put Preeta in trouble and had hidden the necklace before she went to the police and got them to stop Preeta’s wedding. Sherlyn had planned to trap Preeta by hiding the necklace in Sarla’s cupboard so that in order to save her mother, she would accept the charges and go to the jail.

Sherlyn tells the inspector to arrest Preeta but Karan takes the inspector aside. The inspector tells Karan that he was a big fan of his, but since they had found evidence against Preeta, they will have to arrest her. Karan tells the inspector that once the marriage is done, they can take Preeta for further investigation, as she would have the assurance that he would come to save her and not commit suicide for the humiliation and cancellation of her marriage. Karan narrated a false story about his family and Sherlyn not liking Preeta and hence she had plotted against her. 

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