In the previous episode, we see how Preeta plans against Monisha getting married to Karan. We see Sophia enter and announces that Karan cannot marry Monisha and that he cannot marry Monisha. Monisha asks Sophia who she was and why have she come to spell misfortune in their marriage. Sophia in return asks Monisha who she was and snatches the kalira from Monisha and calls her a husband snatcher. Sophia tells Monisha to leave from there right then just when they get into a catfight snatching the kalira from each other. Monisha informs that Karan has a lot of fans and that he cannot marry each one, just when Karan’s mother stops them both saying Karan is nobody's but her son. She leashes out on Sophia when Sophia announces everyone that she was expecting Karan’s child and that he cannot marry Monisha.

Everyone gets shocked hearing this truth while Karan panics. Meanwhile, everything was going on, Sherlyn recognizes Billa sitting amongst the musicians and when Billa saw her staring at him, he left from there which made Sherlyn sure of him being Billa. Sherlyn follows Billa outside when Billa hides from Sherlyn and she goes inside thinking that she was missing out on the drama that was going inside.

Prithvi smirks seeing Karan in trouble and getting stuck with Sophia. Sophia shows everyone the papers from the gynaecologist when Sophia and Karan went to meet the doctor for their child. Rishabh takes the paper from Karan and informs everyone that there is a sign of Karan on the papers. Karan breaks out from everything and shouts on Sophia that all these are sheer lies. Monisha panics and tells Sophia to leave when Sophia tells Monisha to read the papers if she did not believe Sophia. Karan’s mother gets angry and slaps Karan in anger which shocks everyone. She consoles Sophia saying that she was with Sophia and blames Karan for the whole thing. Rishabh comes to save Karan just when Sophia and Monisha break into a fight. Preeta informs Karan’s mother that Sophia is trying to help Karan and they tell her about how they seeked help from Sophia to save Karan from Monisha which she agreed to.