Kundali Bhagya February 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta’s plan fails

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how in a turn of events Sophia gets instigated by Monisha against the Luthra family while Monisha convinces Sophia for her marriage with Karan.
Kundali Bhagya February 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta’s plan failsKundali Bhagya February 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta’s plan fails
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In previous episode we have seen how Monisha gets Sophia involved in her talks and instigates her against Karan while Karan and family rejoices on getting rid from Monisha. Sophia gets emotional learning Monisha’s fake story of Karan molesting her and talks against the Luthra family. Here, the family rejoices unaware of the turn of events, just when Sophia walks downstairs with Monisha and talks against the Luthra family blaming them for not telling Sophia what had Karan done with Monisha. Sophia’s suddenly turning against the Luthra family shocks everyone. Monisha hands over the kaliras to Preeta and tells her to make her wear the kaliras now that everything was in place. Nervousness is evident on everyone’s face thinking about what to do next. Karan’s mother advices Monisha to rest a bit when Monisha mockingly hugs Dadi tighly which almost chokes her.

Here, Karan frantically walks in the room while he blames Rishabh and Preeta for a bad planning. Rishabh assures Karan that they will not let Karan get trapped with Monisha when he panics and talks whatever comes to his mind. Preeta hastily tries to calm Karan that it was more important for her to save Karan from Monisha and that she had to do that for herself as well. Preeta’s words shock Rishabh and he asks Preeta what did she mean by saying all that. Preeta finds herself in trouble and explains Rishabh that she meant for all of them it was important. Karan interrupts her and asks her again why was it important for her when Preeta explains how she wanted Karan for herself as she wanted to take all the sweet revenge from Karan for troubling her all the way. Meanwhile, Rishabh gets a call and he leaves the room to attend. Here, a police officer present at the Luthra house confronts Prithvi asking him that where and when was the time he had met Prithvi which Prithvi tries to ignore and confuse him.



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Prithvi tells the officer that he was Luthra’s family friend and that the officer can know him like that. Officer further questions him which batch was he a part as Prithvi had previously told the officer that they met in the Police Academy. Prithivi tells the officer that it was batch 2012 which Rishabh over hears and an idea hits him.

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