Kundali Bhagya February 6, 2019 Update: Karan is in dilemma

Karan realises that he does not want to marry Monisha and Rishabh promises him that he will save Karan from it.
Zee TV,Serial updates,Kundali BhagyaKundali Bhagya February 6, 2019 Update: Karan is in dilemma
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In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya the entire family along with Preeta, Karan and Rishabh is seen brainstorming about the plan how to cancel the marriage which they haven’t yet got a solution for.

In yesterday’s episode, we have seen how Karan realises that he does not want to marry Monisha and Rishabh promises him that he will save Karan from his marriage along with the whole family. Today Karan is seen waking up to a bad dream where he sees Monisha is coming towards him with a garland in her hand. Shristi asks Preeta what plan did she think of to save Karan from the marriage staying up all night. Janki gangs up with Shristi to put up an act to know what Preeta thinks the plan was and how they can save Karan from Monisha. Preeta confesses Janki and Shristi that she does not have a concrete plan but she has something vaguely that she had thought. Preeta tells them that they have to stop the marriage first and clean the image of Karan by tricking Monisha to tell herself that Karan has not molested her.

Preeta gets a call from Karan asking her to come fast and asks everyone what the plan was. Preeta tells everyone that they will have to get Monisha drunk when she will vomit out the truth that Karan hasn’t molested her, which everyone rules out. Preeta tells everyone that if that idea wasn’t good enough, they can go to the mall and get the CCTV footage which everyone rules out saying that was very time-consuming. Shristi comes up with her idea saying that they should kidnap Monisha to which Rishabh says that it’ll just delay the marriage and not actually solve anything. Everyone comes up with weird planning which irritates Karan as they don’t have much of time. Shristi goes out for some fresh air to think something out of the blue and et back with something concrete.

Sammy goes to meet someone in the jail and asks him why has he called him there. He tells Sammy that he hasn’t been picking up his girlfriend’s phone and that’s the reason he had been called in the jail. He asks Sammy for money for the work he has been done for Sammy to which he said that he hasn’t done the work that Sammy had given him. Sammy told him that he had told him to just torture Ritwik whereas he had killed Ritwik, also he hadn’t lived up to whatever Sammy had instructed so Sammy wasn’t liable to pay him anything and that he can do whatever he wishes to. The man calls out on Sammy just when he was about to leave from there and threatens him that he will unleash Sammy’s truth in front of everyone.

On the other hand, Monisha arrives at the marriage venue and gangs up against Shristi along with her friends where her friend  requests Shristi to bring her sandals. Monisha’s friends mock Shristi that her face matches the sandal to which she gets annoyed and breaks the sandal heels. Monisha calls Shristi a servant who came from Preeta who works for dadi. Shristi gets into an argument with Monisha.

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