Kundali Bhagya February 7,2019 Update: Preeta and Rishabh to execute a plan

In today’s episode of Kundali Bhaya, Preeta and Rishabh is seen going out somewhere to execute a plan to break Karan’s marriage while Karan is seen worried
Zee TV,Serial updates,Kundali Bhaya,Kundali Bhaya updateKundali Bhagya February 7,2019 Update: Preeta and Rishabh to execute a plan
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In the previous episode, we’ve seen how Preeta and the others are deciding on a plan to break Karan’s marriage. We also see how Shristi is been insulted by Monisha and her friends to which she gives a befitting reply. Shristi had a conversation with Shorty where he gives Shristi a hint that he will propose her on 14th February, on Valentine’s Day and goes to join the family inside in the planning which makes Shristi happy.

Monisha interrupts the meeting challenging everyone that Karan is on her side and nothing can stop them to get married. Preeta immediately informs Rishabh that she has an idea and that she will tell him that on his way and to come with her. In the hall, Monisha invites the top 3 media for covering their marriage, while Preeta and Rishabh leave to go somewhere.

Monisha invites the family to get clicked for the media and there Karan says Monisha not to be fake as this marriage is just sacrifice and not real. Monisha tells Karan how everything that is fake seems beautiful and that she doesn’t mind but warns Karan not to question her so much henceforth as she doesn’t like answering. Here, the man with whom Sammy was talking, Billa, tries to escapes shooting a police hawaldar and runs away breaking the jail. Here, on the other hand, Sammy is looking for Preeta everywhere just when Sherlyn comes at the marriage by which Sammy panics.

She directly goes to meet Bua ignoring Sammy which he is thankful for as he did not want the Luthra family to see Sammy talking to Sherlyn. Bua shares her dilemma with Sherlyn and tells her that no one wants Karan to get married to Monisha. Sherlyn told bua how if someone dies in the family, the marriage gets delayed by an entire year while bua ridicules the idea. Sherlyn rushes to inform Prithvi what the family was up to while Karan gets annoyed as Preeta and Rishabh is nowhere seen.

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