Kundali Bhagya February 8, 2019 preview: Monisha angers Karan with her stupid talks

Monisha puts forward her terms and conditions post her marriage with Karan.
Kundali Bhagya February 8, 2019 preview: Monisha angers Karan with her stupid talksKundali Bhagya February 8, 2019 preview: Monisha angers Karan with her stupid talks
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In the upcoming episode of the show Kundali Bhagya, Karan is shown getting really angry as Monisha has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. She even went on to advise Karan regarding how he should behave which makes it seem like she has crossed all her limits. Now, it will be interesting to see what will be Karan's ultimate reaction to all her tantrums. The promo features a particular conversation between Monisha and Karan where she is telling Karan that they are going to get married soon. She also informs Karan that she does not want him to direct her regarding what to do and what not to do after their marriage. The most surprising thing that she reveals during the conversation is that she wants a 'joru ka ghulam' type husband for herself who will not be telling her what should be done. She continues to say that Karan has to fulfil all her demands and wishes after they get married.

However, Karan fails to keep his calm after hearing all this. Now, it will be interesting to watch in the upcoming episode regarding what will be Karan's response towards Monisha's terms and conditions related to their marriage and what will be her final reaction after this. The audience is yet to know whether Rishabh and Preeta will be able to devise a good plan in order to stop Karan and Monisha's marriage or will Billa come forward and expose Prithvi thereby stopping the marriage from taking place. It is yet to be known regarding what will be Preeta's reaction after knowing that Prithvi is the real mastermind behind all this.

In the previous episode, it has already been shown that Billa has threatened to expose Prithvi in front of the inspector. However, Prithvi reverts back by saying that Billa has got no proof against him and hence, he can't blackmail Prithvi. Moreover, Preeta and Rishabh are also shown devising a successful plan in order to stop the marriage ceremony. With so much of high voltage drama going on, it will be definitely interesting to watch regarding what else is coming up in the upcoming episodes of the show. 

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