Kundali Bhagya July 9, 2019 Written Update: Mahesh learns the truth

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see how Mahesh takes help of his recruits to capture Raj to extract the truth from him. Karan's family stays heartbroken and feels upset due to Preeta's absence. Later, Mahira, a close relative, visits the Luthra house after a long time and the Luhtras feel happy.
Kundali Bhagya July 9, 2019 Written Update: Mahesh learns the truthKundali Bhagya July 9, 2019 Written Update: Mahesh learns the truth
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In the last episode, Sarla makes her decision known to Prithvi and his family. Prithvi then calls Sherlyn to tell her the news and compliments her when his mother walks in. She expresses that she is glad that he is not with Sherlyn anymore. Sherlyn hears this and is furious. Rishabh finds Karan sad and tries to explain him that he should not hold grudges against Preeta and that he should move on. Rishabh also tells Karan that in spite of him being dependant on Preeta, had managed to forget Preeta completely. Karan mocks Rishabh and tells him to go and confess to self about whether or not he had actually managed to move on. Sherlyn overhears them talk about Preeta and interrupts their conversation.

Rishabh leaves for office while Sherlyn follows Karan and tells him to let bygones be bygones. Karan tells that karma will play a bitch and that she would have to face the consequences. Here, Janki finds Preeta lost in Karan’s thoughts and asks whether or not she wanted to postpone the marriage. Preeta confides in Janki and tells her that she wanted to postpone the marriage, as she wasn’t ready to get married and that she was troubled. Mahesh takes help from his recruits and instructs them to kill Raj if he planned to protect Sherlyn. Raj gets afraid and tells Mahesh that Sarla and Preeta were right when they had narrated the incidents. Mahesh tells Raj that he knows what had happened and demanded to know who had hired him.

Raj tells Mahesh that Sherlyn had hired him to plot against the Luthras and tells Mahesh that he could check his phone, which had all the messages and calls which she had done to Raj. Mahesh verifies the truth and thinks to self that he needed to be careful, as Sherlyn was too dangerous. He comes out and felt guilty about having insulted Preeta and Sarla for all the troubles that they have gone through to try and protect his family. Meanwhile, at the Luthra house, Mahira gives a surprise visit and Rakhi gets happy to see her best friend’s daughter to pay a visit to them.

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hopefully sherlyn s secret revealed

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