Kundali Bhagya March 11, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh’s feelings for Preeta become evident

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how Preeta and Shristi are bothered by Tanvi’s closeness with the men of the Luthra family. Later, Prithvi gets a glass of bhaang and hints Sherlyn to execute their plan.
Kundali Bhagya March 11, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh’s feelings for Preeta become evidentKundali Bhagya March 11, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh’s feelings for Preeta become evident
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In the previous episode, we see how Preeta and Karan plan to get Sherlyn drunk. Later, Rishabh and Preeta share a moment which makes it evident about Rishabh falling for Preeta. Seeing Sarla, Kareena and Sanjana getting involved in an argument about Prithvi, he messages Sherlyn to aid him. Meanwhile, Preeta finds Karan with Tanvi getting compatible, she feels insecure and takes him from there. Tanvi catched hold of Rishabh and demands to know whether or not he likes Preeta. As Rishabh was trying to avoid the conversation, she holds Rishabh’s hand and requests him for an answer. Shristi sees Tanvi getting close to Rishabh and ridicules her behaviour towards the men of Luthra house.

Earlier, Shristi had also caught Tanvi trying to get close to Sammy when she had just come. Shristi, trying to save Rishabh, comes and takes him away from her. Karan and Preeta get involved in their regular bitter sweet conversation about Karan coming close to Tanvi. Later, Rishabh was seen confused between which outfit to choose for his very important meeting which was scheduled for the next day. Tanvi offers to help Rishabh choose among the colors. Preeta was passing by when Rishabh calls for her and seeks advice. Tanvi leaves the room as she gets a call from her mother. Rishabh tells Preeta about finding Tanvi cute. Preeta behaves weird and leaves the room.



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Karan finds Rishabh confused and lost in his thoughts and asks him about the reason behind his confused state of mind. Rishabh shares the incident with Preeta and Karan unknowingly pressed the wrong button. Karan told Rishabh that a girl gets jealous only when she loves someone truly. When Rishabh reveals that it was Preeta he was talking about, Karan gets shocked. Meanwhile, Prithvi gets a glass of bhaang according to their plan and asks Sherlyn to go and give it to Rishabh.

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