Kundali Bhagya March 13, 2019 Written Update: Is Rishabh trapped?

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how Sherlyn and Rishabh fall asleep after consuming the adulterated thandai.
Kundali Bhagya March 13, 2019 Written Update: Is Rishabh trapped?Kundali Bhagya March 13, 2019 Written Update: Is Rishabh trapped?
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In the previous episode, we see how Rishabh gets drunk after having the glass of thandai that Sherlyn had sent for him and confesses his love for Preeta in front of her. Rishabh walks towards his room to meet Preeta while Prithvi keeps an eye on Rishabh. Just when Rishabh was about to enter his room, Janki and Dadi come out, sitting on their imaginative scooter as a result of the tripping from bhaang. Janki and Dadi manage to get Rishabh involved in their act just when Prithvi comes and redirects Rishabh to his room. Here, Preeta was stopped by Rakhi, who asks for the glass of thandai that she was taking for Sherlyn. Preeta tries to manipulate Rakhi into believing that she was especially offering the glass to Prithvi and that she had prepared with love.

Rakhi believes her and lets her go while grabbing another glass of thandai for herself. Here, Rishabh not finding Preeta in the room thinks that Preeta was playing hide and seek with him and looks for her. Meanwhile, Prithvi along with Janki and Dadi comes out and while managing both of them, signals Sherlyn to go to Rishabh. Putting a stop to Janki and Dadi’s act, Sarla comes and takes Janki from there. Sherlyn on the way, was stopped by Rakhi who gets her involved in a conversation while Karan tricks her into drinking the glass which Preeta had prepared for Sherlyn. Preeta follows Sherlyn while Dadi keeps Prithvi involved. Prithvi worries for Sherlyn and thinks that she might need his help.



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Sherlyn's head starts to spin on her way to Rishabh’s room while Prithvi comes and motivates Sherlyn to go and execute their plan. Sherlyn somehow manages to go inside Rishabh’s room and locks the door. Seeing Sherlyn there, Rishabh gets nervous and explains Sherlyn that he did not love her and that he cannot marry Sherlyn. Sherlyn tries to get close to Rishabh and they both fall asleep.

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