Kundali Bhagya March 5, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh denies to marry Sherlyn

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how Sherlyn tries to trap Rishabh and convince him to get married to her in fifteen days while Rishabh politely declines the offer, secretly wishing for Preeta.
Kundali Bhagya March 5, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh denies to marry SherlynKundali Bhagya March 5, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh denies to marry Sherlyn
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In the previous episode, we see how the family members rejoice their victory over Monisha. Later, they suggest that Rishabh must get married to Sherlyn. Preeta seeks Karan’s help as she wanted to break Rishabh’s marriage with Sherlyn. Shristi mocks Preeta and tells her that she will soon be the reason for keeping the Luthra family’s boys unmarried as she was breaking one marriage after another. Karan requests Rishabh that he should postpone his marriage. Rishabh demands for an answer from Karan as to why he wanted him to postpone the marriage. Here, Prithvi and Sherlyn come to meet the doctor as Sherlyn vomited at the Luthra House. Prithvi suggests that Sherlyn get married to Rishabh soon as delaying things will risk getting their secret revealed.

The next morning, Sherlyn comes to Luthra house with her mother Sanjana along with the pandit. The pandit informs the family that Rishabh’s kundali had a dosh and that he has to get married in the next fifteen days for the troubles to keep at bay. Sherlyn and Sanjana had bribed the pandit and instructed him to tell the family things that he was saying. The pandit tells the family that if Rishabh doesn’t get married on the fifteenth day, there was no auspicious day in next six months. Kareena Bua tries to convince Rishabh to get married on that day which Rishabh politely denies saying that he cannot cancel all his meetings and sit at home, preparing for the marriage in such short notice.



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Rishabh explains Kareena Bua that he doesn’t mean to disrespect anybody but he was not someone who believed in kundali and that he will get married on the day he was comfortable and not in rush. Karan excitedly calls Preeta and gives her the good news and just when he was about to call Preeta, he gets a call from Preeta. Preeta asks why was he so happy, and Karan tells her everything that had happened downstairs. Sanjana tried convincing the family when Rakhi told Sanjana that Rishabh was a grown up man, and that if he had promised to marry Sherlyn after six months, he will definitely marry Sherlyn.

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