Kundali Bhagya May 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta takes Sherlyn’s blood samples

Today in Kundali Bhagya, we see how Sherlyn faints after a faceoff with Preeta and gives her an opportunity to take the blood samples to prove her pregnancy.
Kundali Bhagya May 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta takes Sherlyn’s blood samplesKundali Bhagya May 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta takes Sherlyn’s blood samples
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In today’s episode, Sameer tries to make Shristi understand and narrates the whole incident which happened with Tanvi. He apologises to her for the misunderstandings and he tells Shristi that he was ready to accept his feelings for her. Just then, Mahesh comes and takes Sameer with him to make an announcement. Sameer calls Rishabh onstage for a couple dance, however, when Sherlyn steps forward for the couple dance, Sameer tells her that since it was a bachelor’s party, there were rules she had to follow. According to the rule, the bride could not dance with the groom. He looked for a suitable match for Rishabh to dance with him and calls Preeta.

Sherlyn and Prithvi get annoyed to see Sameer call Preeta onstage. Rishabh and Preeta start dancing while Sherlyn gets filled with jealousy and comes onstage to dance with her would-be husband. Sherlyn tells everyone that seeing Preeta dancing with Rishabh made her jealous and she wanted her to be close to Rishabh instead of Preeta. Prithvi comes at Preeta’s rescue and thanked Sherlyn to give him a chance to dance with Preeta. Prithvi along with Preeta and Rishabh with Sherlyn dances just when Sherlyn faints. Prithvi wondered why Sherlyn had to take the risk of dancing as she was pregnant and feared the truth to come out. They take Sherlyn in the room when Preeta suggested everyone to stay out and that she would take care of her.

Finding nobody around, Preeta took blood samples of Sherlyn and decided to get it tested. She called Karan in the guest room and showed him the blood samples which she took out from Sherlyn and told him about her plan. Karan had told Preeta to hide about Sherlyn’s condition and their plan from everyone. Shristi joins the conversation and seeing Prithvi getting concerned for Sherlyn, she questions him. Prithvi tells her that if anything will happen to Sherlyn, Preeta will get stuck to take care of her and that was the reason he was inquiring. Like Karan had told her, Preeta tells Prithvi that Sherlyn had acidity and nothing major. The next day, Kareena and Rakhi get panicked to see the incomplete decoration when the guests were about to come. Karan was about to leave for someplace, when Kareena engaged Karan in the decorations.

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