Kundali Bhagya May 20, 2019 Written Update: Preeta gets a threat

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see how Sarla’s plan to escape from the captivity fails. Later, Sherlyn tells Preeta to support her in her plan else she would lose Sarla’s life.
Kundali Bhagya May 20, 2019 Written Update: Preeta gets a threatKundali Bhagya May 20, 2019 Written Update: Preeta gets a threat
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In the previous episode, Sherlyn threatened Preeta and warned her about the consequences if she dared to expose her truth to the Luthras. Sarla thinks to herself that she had to take the risk and try to elope from there, otherwise she would be trapped there and eventually die. She thinks of a plan and while the goons were busy playing cards, Sarla tried to break free. After much toil, she managed to free herself and took a chance at escaping from there. She made sure the goons were busy and looked for a way from where she could come out of the factory. Before she managed to come out, one of the goon noticed Sarla went missing. Raj panicked and tells the goons to look for her. Sarla remained hidden while everyone was looking for her.

Finding an opportunity, she escaped everyone’s eyes and hides in a paper box kept there. Raj gives a call to Prithvi to inform about Sarla. Prithvi lashes out at Raj for being irresponsible and leaves from the venue to talk to him. Prithvi tells Raj that Sarla will definitely be in the factory as she would have called Rishabh if she would have fled. He tells Raj to check all the boxes as possibly she could have hidden in one of the boxes. The goons check all the cartons and tells Raj that Sarla was not there. Just then Raj felt a carton move and finds Sarla in the carton which was kept next to him. Prithvi takes a sigh of relief to see Raj capture Sarla again. Raj and the goons drag Sarla and tie her again. Here, Preeta wanted to see the video again to find some clue and tricked Sherlyn to show her the video again.



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She tells Sherlyn that the video she had shown her was a fake one and tricks her (Sherlyn) to show her again. By seeing the video again, Preeta learns that Sarla was kept in a secluded factory near a temple. Sherlyn tells Preeta not to act smart as there were a lot of people who had kept an eye on what she was doing. Sherlyn tells Preeta that she knew about her plan to take her blood sample and get it tested in the lab, as she claimed that her people had informed her about her (Preeta’s) intention. Sherlyn warns Preeta and tells her that she had to support her else she would lose her mother. 

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