Kundali Bhagya November 18, 2019 Written Update: Preeta feels heartbroken

Today in Kundali Bhagya, Preeta and her family see that Karan is marrying Mahira soon on the news. Preeta breaks down privately but pretends to be strong and move on in her life.
Kundali Bhagya November 18, 2019 Written Update: Preeta feels heartbrokenKundali Bhagya November 18, 2019 Written Update: Preeta feels heartbroken
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In today’s episode, Preeta and her family read the shocking news of Karan marrying Mahira. They also see Karan on the news confirming that he’s getting engaged in two days and soon will get married too. Preeta gets heartbroken and goes to her room. She cries in agony. Srishti comes to console her. Preeta pretends to be strong and tells her that whatever happened, happened for good as she can move on with her life now. She changes the subject and asks Srishti to suggest her what to wear to work today. Srishti realises the pain the Preeta is hiding from everyone. Later, as Karan arrives, his captain and everyone else congratulate him. Preeta arrives there too and the captain asks her if she heard the breaking news. Preeta feels devastated but she puts on a fake face and congratulates Karan. 


There comes an announcement advising everyone to not go into Section C as there is some repair work going on and it could lead to mishaps. Later, the captain tells Karan that he was right about Mahira having feelings for him. But he also tells him that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. He also says that if Preeta wouldn’t have mentioned about her husband he would’ve thought that Karan is her husband. Meanwhile, Kritika asks Kareena how come she’s working today. She tells her that today Mahira is bringing her mother home. Soon Mahira arrives with her mother Ramona and her friend Sonia. Rakhi goes to reveal to Ramona that Karan was married to Preeta but Kareena stops her. She asks Rakhi to take Ramona to her room. Mahira takes Sonia to her room and both of them rejoice how Mahira’s dream of marrying Karan is coming true. Sonia remembers the gift she bought for Mahira and takes it out from her bag. She gifts her a scarf that she once liked at the airport. Mahira refuses to accept the scarf and tells Sonia that now she will have to transform everything about her to match Karan’s standards. She also tells her that she hasn’t invited a couple of friends because they don’t fit in well. Sonia finds Mahira’s behaviour very absurd but Mahira thinks that Sonia is just jealous of her.


Later, the captain shows his inclination towards Preeta to Karan and Karan intimidatingly tells him that Preeta would never come to him. The captain disagrees and says that Preeta is unhappy with her husband and she would definitely be happy with him. Karan threatens the captain to not play today’a match if he talks about Preeta in this way to him or even to himself. Later, Karan goes to Preeta’s cabin and accuses her of sending him the notice. Preeta gets frustrated and just and just agrees with him. She tells him that he has already made up his mind so even if she defends herself he would not believe her. She leaves her cabin and walks out as she doesn’t want to talk to Karan anymore. Meanwhile, Mahira comes to meet Karan. Karan follows Preeta tries to stop her. She accidentally drops a vase while walking away. Karan’s captain stops Karan and asks him why is he forcing Preeta to resolve the matters between her and her husband when she is not willing. Karan asks him to not meddle into their matter. He grabs Preeta’s arm and stops her. Mahira arrives in the corridor and sees Karan holding Preeta’s arm. The captain asks him to let go of her. The captain tells Karan that he understands he’s with him because he’s supporting Preeta. He should understand that Preeta doesn’t want to talk to him because he’s supporting her husband. Karan asks the captain to stay away as it’s their personal matter. The captain gets frustrated and loudly asks him what is going on between them. He tells Karan that it seems like he has fallen in love with Preeta. 

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