Kundali Bhagya, November 28, 2019, Written Update: Prithvi backs out of Marriage

Today in Kundali Bhagya, Preeta talks to Prithvi and tells him that she doesn't want to marry him and to please back out form this marriage or she will. Karan reaches the Kumkum Bhagya wedding hall.
Kundali Bhagya, November 28, 2019, Written Update: Prithvi backs out of Marriage
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As the episode starts, Janki is telling to Preeta that she should talk to Prithvi once and not to get married to him as it is not the right decision and she will stand by her. Preeta is relieved that there is someone by her side through all that is happening. Janki says Sarla would be angry for a few days but then things will get sorted. Sameer is trying to contact Srishti but she is not picking up his phone. He gets angry and scolds Srishti for never picking up her phone. Karina hears Sameer's murmuring and asks him who is he scolding. He says he was scolding himself for he thought Karan was in his room and should have kept a check. Bi-jee takes Prithvi to his room, where Prithvi says that she should not show all these formality and he will go the room by himself. Bi-jee tells him that they will call him once evrything is ready. 

Karan takes the water bottle from the vendor, Rishab taunts him saying that there was ample supply of water in the car still he came in front of the Kumkum Bhagya hall just to have water, the vendor is in sheer excitement says that there is a wedding today and the sales will be really high, Rishab asks why Karan is so tensed, he disagrees but Rishab is adamant also saying that he has a solution to his problem and it is that he should call Preeta and tell her to refuse to marry Prithvi, he at first acts as if he will not call but then requests Rishab to send him the number, Rishab asks him to wait as he receives a call from one of his clients in London. Karan feels that Rishab is not supportive.
Prithvi is in his room, as he compliments himself on how good he is looking, there is a knock on the door, He asks Janki what the matter is she explains that Preeta wants to talk with him so she has brought her, Prithvi gets tensed as he feels she might have come to back out from the marriage, he asks her to come in, he says that she is looking really beautiful, then she explains that she has to talk about something which is really important, just then she gets a call from Karan but doesn't answer as she does not want to talk to him.

Karan gets really angry when she ends the call, he asks the vendor to pack all of the Pan that he has then he also sees the phone from Rishab to confirm that he dialed the correct number.

The Pundit exclaims that the pooja has ended and she should take the blessings from the elders, Maira asks her about Karan she explains that he is on the way then says that he will call him, Dadi asks her if he is coming then she explains that she doesn’t know anything as she could not even find him in his bed room, Maira and her mother hear it, her mother asks her if she is sure that Karan still wants to marry her or has he gone back to Preeta, Maira tries to convince her that she is sure that he will not go after Preeta.

Prithvi asks Preeta what she has to say, she explains that she is apologetic of what she is going to say, Prithvi asks her the matter, she asks why he did not receive her call, he explains that his phone was not working and so he couldn’t receive any call, she explains that she doesn’t want to marry him and even said to him at the hotel that they cannot be friends so how can they marry, Prithvi explains that he only accepted to marry her after Sarla said that she will talk with Preeta, she explains that she said it but only because she couldn’t hurt her mother and when she refused Sarla stared experiencing heart pain which could have resulted in her death but she could not think of anything else and so accepted to marry him, she asks why he accepted the proposal knowing that she was married, he responds that he did it for mother, she explains that she is still the wife of Karan and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks because she still believes that she is the wife of Karan and wishes that he understand what her feelings are and back out from the marriage as otherwise she will herself back out which will be really shameful for him, he then explains that he will back out even if it means that her mother hates her and she does not want to see her face again but still he will face all the allegations just for her, he thinks that he is really angry and Preeta will have to pay for the refusal as he will make sure that she marries him and is not able to meet Karan, she however warns that if he doesn’t agree to her terms then she will herself back out from the wedding and leaves the room, She sees Shrishti standing by the room but leaves without saying anything.

Prithvi immediately takes out his phone and hires a hit man for some work.

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