Kundali Bhagya, November 29 2019, Written Update: Karan vows to break Preeta's Marriage

Today in Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Rishabh both vow that they will break Preeta's marriage to Prithvi by hook or by crook.
Kundali Bhagya, November 29 2019, Written Update: Karan vows to break Preeta's Marriage
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Karan goes inside the marriage hall, the pan vendor asks Rishabh to pay him 6000 rs as Karan has brought all the paans. Confused Rishabh asks whom he has brought for, the paan vendor says for his team members as they all like it a lot. Rishabh asks Karan how will he do it today as today is his engagement, bot a determind Karan says he will break the marriage. Just then he gets a call from Rakhi but doesn't answer it. Rishabh says they both will break the marriage together. Prithvi is confused as why he is trying to marry a girl who is already married but then he thinks that he shall marry whom he wants to and will leave no stone unturned to get married to Preeta. If she doesnt agree, he will make her drink a medicine and marry her by maniuplation.

Sarla is greeting the guests when the Pandit asks her to bring two more ingredients as otherwise the Pooja cannot start, Sarla gets tensed, Bi jee asks her about the reason she explains that she is not seeing anyone who can bring the two products so she will have to go by herself, she leaves Bi jee in charge of the function.

Karan and Rishab are walking in the hall, Rishab sees Sarla arriving and hides while Karan bumps into a girl so he starts to help her, Sarla stops while trying to call someone but there is no answer, Karan also stands up right next to her, Rishab in an attempt to save him pulls his hand and they both are relieved but just when they are blessing their luck the vendor calls them saying that there is yet another bag for them, Sarla looks to see who they are but their faces are turned, she gets suspicious about who they are but leaves them, Rishab immediately goes to take the parcel after which they both head in the hall.
Preeta is walking and stops Shrishti, she asks why was she listening to their conversation as he would think that it looks really bad, Shrishti explains that she will explain why she was there, then she says that she made a video of his confession so that he does not pressurize them, she will show Sarla the video if she thinks that Prithvi is the one who ended the marriage so they can explain that it was her idea as she never wanted to marry Prithvi, Preeta asks for the second reason, Shrishti explains that it is so that they can blackmail Prithvi if he refuses to back out.
Sarla is at the market, the vendor asks the reason she is not in her hall, Sarla explains that she is aware of the fact but leaves as soon as she sees Sherlin, who runs after her exclaiming that she should enjoy in the weddings that are arranged in her hall as her daughter will never get married herself because time is not supporting her, as Preeta got married to Karan and he took her with him but she came back in the middle of the night when she was left stranded, Sarla says that she knows Sherlin is someone who does not have any respect and is really stupid, she says that she does not even want to ruin her mood by talking with her, Sherlin again taunts her by saying that she has kept Preeta in her house like someone who is not married, Sherlin asks what happened and she says that she feels bad for her as her daughter will never get married, Sarla exclaims that her daughter is getting married to someone who is really nice and was chosen by her, Sherlin explains that she should think twice as the last time when she tried to marry Prithvi to Preeta, it was never happened, Sarla exclaims that she stands by her words and is marrying Preeta to Prithvi, Sherlin is not able to believe it so Sarla exclaims that she should believe it as Prithvi is really a nice person so she should leave as everyone would be waiting for her and leaves, while Sherlin is left confused.
Prithvi is really relieved to know that everything is going smooth and there is no hindrance in his marriage, as he made sure that everyone who is against him is busy in their own problems, he made Karan tie his know with Maira while Rishab is already married to Sherlin so there is no hindrance in his marriage and now things will happen according his plans, Shrishti suddenly drops her phone, Prithvi picks it up asking why she is still in contact with Sameer as it was his family who ruined their happiness yet she is still talking with them so she should not have any sort on contact with them as it will be really bad for her.
Prithvi gets a message from Sherlin who asks him where she is as she has come back to Mumbai because she got in a fight with her friend, Prithvi gets really tensed which Shrishti a is able to see.
Karan and Rishab are walking in the hall when they hide, Karan asks what the matter is, Rishab explains that Bi jee is sitting in the hall but Karan is overconfident that she will never take his side as he left Preeta so she would never be with him, Rishab advises that he should think with a cool head as there are a lot of problems, so they both hide their faces.
Shrishti asks what happened and why is he so tensed, she tries to take the phone but he says that it is the notification of batter low so he has to charge the phone, Shrishti leaves after him, both Karan and Rishab are having great difficulty in going past the guests, the Pundit recognizes that it is him but he leaves after explaining that he would be some twin.
Shrishti asks Prithvi who it was but he explains that it was the bill payment notification, She leaves but then turns asking if he would remain true to his word, Prithvi does not understand then she explains that she is talking off the promise to back out from the marriage, Prithvi explains that he had no idea she knew about it, Shrishti responds that they both are sisters so share a lot of their secrets, she therefor wants to know if he will fulfil them, he assures that he will do all that he has promised so she should not worry, he explains that it is only because of Preeta and the respect he has for her, Shrishti mentions that she knows he loves her a lot otherwise why would he opt for a second marriage when it leads to his embrassement, so she feels that Preeta or any girl wants to stay with him, she explains that she has a video of him, Prithvi is left confused wondering if it is a video with Sherlin.

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