Kundali Bhagya November 6, 2019 Written Update: Prithvi tries to impress the Aroras

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya we see how Prithvi tries to impress the Aroras so he can close the entry gate for Karan
Kundali Bhagya November 6, 2019 Written Update: Prithvi tries to impress the ArorasKundali Bhagya November 6, 2019 Written Update: Prithvi tries to impress the Aroras
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Myra thinks that Karan is a wonderful person. Karan thinks of what Preeta spoke about him being a heartless person however he thinks he is a good person as he is helping Myra in this situation. He is about to get in the car when he asks her to wait and runs back. Myra feels she has impressed Karan and gets excited. Preeta gets frustrated and is about to break the bat when the captain arrives there. She tells him that she just wanted to know how the bat is held and leaves from there. Preeta is walking outside when Karan stops her and warns her for bad mouthing him front of others. Preeta asks him if Myra got to know how he really is. The captain arrives there and tells Karan that he has thought of a new strategy. Karan gets angry at him and tells him that he should not disturb them. The captain feels offended and warns Karan to stay in his limits.  Preeta tells him that Karan doesn't know how to stay calm and leaves. Karan tells him that he's not seen how rude and arrogant Preeta is. The captain doesn't reciprocate his thoughts and leaves from there. Karan vows to keep Preeta away from his friends. Prithvi comes to the Aroras residence and meets Bijee. He tells her that he's come to meet Sarla as she is unwell. Bijee tells him that Sarla will return soon. Prithvi feels that he has to become everyone's favourite so Karan does not return. Sarla comes home and Prithvi tells her to sit with him. Sarla asks Janki to make tea for Prithvi however he tells her that he wants to do something a son does hence stops Janki. He tells them that he will make tea for everyone and tells them not to enter the kitchen. Sarla is surprised to see Janki. Bijee says that she was not feeling well since morning but now is feeling better. Prithvi overhears their conversation and thinks that he needs to impress them and close Karan's reentry in the house. Prithvi gives everyone tea however does not have one for him. He tells Sarla that he wants them to taste the tea he made. He tells Sarla to text him how they liked the tea. Bijee and Sarla feel that he was the right choice for Preeta. Bijee suggests them to forget the past and move on. Sarla says that she wants to however Preeta is not able to forget as she saw Karan's photo in her wardrobe. Rakhi and Karina asks Sherlyn where she was they were trying to reach her. Sherlyn tells them that she was with her mother. Karina says that it is not possible as Sanjana was with them. Sherlyn tells them that she went to meet her however as she was not there, she went for shopping. Karina asks her to show what she bought. Sherlyn wonders what she will tell them what she bought. Karan gets Myra home and tells them that she twisted her leg however she is fine now as he got her treated by the physiotherapist at the ground. Karina asks Rakhi if she has noticed how caring Karan is towards Myra. Rakhi tells her that Karan is the same with everyone. Sherlyn asks Karina to come with her as she wants to speak about Preeta. Srishti is waiting for food and asks Preeta to hurry up. Sarla tells Srishti that there is a surprise for her. Sarla takes Srishti in her room as she is hesitant. Preeta is happy seeing Sarla happy. Janki tells Preeta that Sarla is pretending to be happy and is worried for Preeta. Preeta vows to convince Sarla that she has moved on in her life

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