Kundali Bhagya November 7, 2019 Written Update: Karan gets divorce notice from Preeta

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya we see how Karan is shocked after seeing the divorce notice from Preeta
Kundali Bhagya November 7, 2019 Written Update: Karan gets divorce notice from PreetaKundali Bhagya November 7, 2019 Written Update: Karan gets divorce notice from Preeta
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Karan freshens up and sees a thank you message from Myra. He wonders why she sent him a message and replies to her stating that he did it as she was hurt. Myra gets excited seeing his response. Karan tells her that he will talk to her tomorrow. Myra feels disappointed that the conversation ended even before it started. Karan asks her to come and see him play. Out of excitement, Myra calls him. He asks her the reason for her call to which she says that it was taking too long to type the message. She tells him that she is excited to come see him play. Karan tells her that he will talk to the coach about her presence at the ground and that should not be a problem. He thinks how excited Myra is and on the other hand Preeta who never appreciated him for anything. Preeta is also constantly thinking about Karan. She starts to delete his photos one at a time. She starts to weep recalling all the memories she had of him. She stops and then starts to delete again as stating that she doesn't want him to stay with her even in form of photos. She tears of all his posters of him from her wardrobe. She vows to throw him out of her life just as she deleted all the photos from her phone. Karina is unable to understand what Sherlyn tells her. Sherlyn explains to her that she went to the ground as she thought Myra might need her help however she never thought that Karan and Preeta would be seen together. She tells Karina to do everything she can else Preeta will return to the family. Karina tells Sherlyn not to say anything to Myra as she already thinks that she came in between Karna and Preeta. Karina tells her that she will get Preeta and Karan separated as soon as Rishabh's press conference ends. Preeta is walking in the corridor when a ball hits her. She recalls of the moments spent with Karan however the captain arrives there. She gives him the ball and walks away. The captain thinks why is he not able to talk to Preeta and feels that he has to talk to her as Karan will never let that happen. Rishabh is in the room and asks Karan why is he still in the house. He says that he stayed back as Rishabh has to go for a press conference. He says that he doesn't want the media to make up stories. Sherlyn thinks she had to call the lawyer to make the rest see the news. She calls the lawyer and he tells her that the notice will soon arrive and she will find it satisfactory. She warns him that the deal will be off if she isn't satisfied with the notice. She then calls the media to inform that she has some useful news. The captain comes to Preeta's room and tries to break the ice. She tells him that she knows what he is trying to do and that she is married. He tells her that he knows who her husband is and that he is a friend of Karan. She gets tensed and leaves the room. Everyone is prepping for the press conference. Sherlyn thinks that she controls the family. Myra also arrives there and Karina asks her to call her mother. Myra is about to fall when Karan catches her. Rishab asks Myra why she was so happy. Shortly, the door bell rings and Sameer answers the door. He gets handed a courier which he gives to Karan. He opens the packet and to his shock it is the divorce notice sent by Preeta. Rishabh understands and begins to read the papers. Rakhi enquires what the matter is when Rishabh tells her that Preeta has sent a divorce notice

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