Kundali Bhagya October 10, 2019 Written Update :Sherlyn meets Rishabh at the hotel

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya we see how Sherlyn meets Prithvi at the hotel which is seen by Karina.
Kundali Bhagya October 10, 2019 Written Update :Sherlyn meets Rishabh at the hotelKundali Bhagya October 10, 2019 Written Update :Sherlyn meets Rishabh at the hotel
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Om explains that he has opened the door. He tells Sherlyn and Prithvi that they can call anyone who is inside. Karina tells her that she will go and get the dress. She is shocked to see the dress in the floor. Karan and Preeta along with an old lady and Ayush hide in a room. The lady is happy seeing Karan. He tells her that they will take a selfie  later. The lady says that she's a fan of their love. Karan tells her that they are not a newly wedded couple. Ayush asks where his mother is. Preeta gets tensed about Renuka. Preeta leaves without listening to them. The lady suggests that Karan should go with her. He tells her that Preeta can take care of herself however the lady insists on him going with her. Rishabh asks Karina if she is satisfied with the shopping. Rishabh thinks that he has seen Prithvi.

Sherlyn sees Prithvi so excuses herself to go to the washroom. Sherlyn meets Prithvi and tells him that he should never threaten her and should always be loyal to her. Karina asks Rishabh to wait in the car while she talks to the receptionist. Karina sees that Prithvi and Sherlyn are talking to each other. The police reach the hotel and get a text from an unknown number. When they call on the number the goons answer. The police threaten them of dire consequences. The goons tell the police that they have Karan Luthra as an hostage. He tells the police that if they don't give what is demanded then they will kill the hostages. The goons say that they must find Karan and Preeta. He asks his men to find them. The police inspector calls the commissioner and tells him that they are at the hotel. The commissioner tells him that he will get all the forces he needs to catch the goons.

One of the goons explain that the police along with media has surrounded the building. The goons decide to retaliate and start to mobilize their forces. Karina comes to Sherlyn's room to ask a question. She asks Sherlyn what was she doing right Rishabh at the hotel reception. Karina tells her that she saw them at the reception. Sherlyn is relieved that she did not see them in the changing room. Karina asks why she met Prithvi. Sherlyn tells her the truth. She tells her that she told Prithvi that he should marry Preeta. Karina leaves. Sherlyn thinks to herself that she did all of this for her own self.

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