Kundali Bhagya September 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta accepts to be Karan's wife

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya we see how Preeta tells Prithvi that she is the wife of Karan Luthra.
Kundali Bhagya September 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta accepts to be Karan's wifeKundali Bhagya September 13, 2019 Written Update: Preeta accepts to be Karan's wife
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Srishti says that Karan and Preeta are made for each other. Prithvi doesn't accept it and says that Srishti was always against him however the society will not accept the marriage. Karan says that he doesn't bother about anyone till Preeta is with him. The doctor explains that he has given Dadi the injection but she will have to be taken care of. Rishabh promises to take care of her. Sherlyn asks Karina about how will they keep Preeta away as because of her Dadi has become ill. Karina vows to take care of Dadi anyhow. Prithvi says he doesn't accept the marriage and goes to Preeta however Karan stop him. Karan tells Preeta that they have promised to each other during the pheras not to leave each other. He tells her that he realized his love for her when he was fighting with Prithvi.

Karan and Prithvi get into a fight and Sarla stops them. Srishti says that they will have to ask Karan and Preeta if they want to stay with each other. Sarla says that they both are now married and nothing can be done. Prithvi asks Sarla if she will send anyone who walks into the door. Sarla tells him that she knows Karan really well and that he will take care of her and keep her happy. Sarla decides to ask the pandit. Pandit says that since the marriage was completed with all the rituals, the marriage is valid. Prithvi says that the pandit is saying this under pressure. Everyone is sitting with Dadi. Sherlyn is thinking what she can do to go back to the room as she is feeling sleepy. Just then Dadi wakes up asking for Karan. Rishabh tells her that he will call her. Karina asks Dadi to relax and Rishabh tries calling Karan however the call doesn't connect.

Dadi tells them that she had a weird dream that she can only tell Karan. Sarla is trying to call the Luthras which Karan doesn't want to happen. He provokes Prithvi to get into a fight. Sarla stops them. Prithvi tries to apologize to Sarla and explains to her the situation he is going through in his head. Prithvi runs to Preeta however Karan stops him. He tells Preeta that they were made of each other. Preeta tells him that although he is a very good person who cares for her but he doesn't need to worry about her as she is the wife of Karan Luthra. Janki says that even the bride as accepted the marriage and now Prithvi must accept it and move on. Prithvi refuses to accept the marriage and tried to take Preeta's hand. Karan stops him saying he will break his arm if he doesn't stop

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