Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 2, 2020: Suryabhan gets tricked by D’Souza

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: Shakuni gets scared after learning that his truth has been revealed. A while later, Sanjay offers a deal to Shakuni for stealing the necklace.
Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 2, 2020: Suryabhan gets tricked by D’Souza
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The show resumes with Sanjay daydreaming of introducing Sunaina to his family as their daughter-in-law after which he shouts for help. On the other hand, Chitrasen paints Dhritarashtra and Gandhari’s portrait with the necklace. Shakuni arrives with Sunaina at the palace. Dhritarashtra compares the former with Sanjay which makes him unhappy. Sanjay magically gets relief from the trouble after praying to God. Dhritarashtra thanks Shakuni for finding out the culprit.

He asks Shakuni to present the garland to the sage of Ritanjali for preparing Gandhari’s necklace. Shakuni gets tensed thinking the same and demands punishment for Sunaina. Dhritarashtra is about to declare the punishment for the latter but just then, Sanjay arrives at the palace. He asks some time to find evidence before giving any punishment to Sunaina. Shakuni forces Sunaina to tell him about the real necklace. She informs Shakuni that she has sold it to Suryabhan which makes the latter shocked.

Suryabhan himself wears the necklace instead of giving it to his queens. Shakuni gets angry with the soldiers after learning about Sanjay’s arrival. Later on, Sanjay offers a deal to Shakuni and asks for Sunaina in return. He decides to steal the necklace from Suryabhan after which he takes D’Souza’s help for the same. D’Souza helps Sanjay in the robbery by misleading Suryabhan. The latter gets suspicious when D’Souza informs him about Dhritarashtra’s gift. But he manages to handle the situation. Later on, Sanjay enters Suryabhan’s kingdom for executing his plan.

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