Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 3, 2020: The Pandavas help Sanjay in rescuing Sunaina

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: Shakuni cheats Sanjay after getting the necklace. Later on, Sanjay takes the help of Pandavas to save Sunaina from the punishment.
Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 3, 2020: The Pandavas help Sanjay in rescuing Sunaina
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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho starts with Suryabhan sharing his happiness with his commander regarding the drink sent by Gandhari. He gets upset about not getting a wife like Gandhari and spends time with his commander. On the other hand, Sanjay succeeds in stealing the necklace from Suryabhan. The latter's commander gets to see this and asks Suryabhan to get up. He tells him about his dream about Gandhari and because of this the commander forgets to inform him about the necklace.

Suryabhan gets shocked to learn about his necklace and orders his soldiers to find the thief. The commander looks for Sanjay and lies to Suryabhan about his escape. A barrel crosses Suryabhan after which the latter orders everyone to follow the same. Sanjay gets out of the palace with D’Souza’s help. Later on, he gets angry with Shakuni for deceiving him. Arjun asks Sanjay the reason behind his sadness. Shakuni gets happy thinking about Sunaina's punishment. 

Meanwhile, D’Souza helps Sanjay in rescuing Sunaina but gets upset when a soldier becomes an obstacle in his plan. Sanjay tries to defend Sunaina in front of Dhritarashtra but the latter orders to hang the girl. Shakuni pulls the rope to kill Sunaina. Just then, the Pandavas help Sanjay in rescuing her. Shakuni comes and stands in front of Sanjay’s car but the latter succeeds in escaping from the spot. Sanjay writes his and Sunaina’s name on a tree and confesses his love for her. Later on, Sunaina thinks of presenting Sanjay in front of Suryabhan for committing the crime.

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