Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 6, 2020: Suryabhan announces death penalty for Sanjay

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: Suryabhan punishes Sanjay for his crime. Later on, Shakuni makes an evil plan for Dhritarashtra too.
Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 6, 2020: Suryabhan announces death penalty for Sanjay
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The show resumes with Suryabhan enjoying dance at his palace. He asks his commander to name one of the most beautiful dancers after which the latter informs him that he is Suryabhan’s son Pratap. Suryabhan scolds Pratap for the same and questions Acharya for such actions of the former. Acharya then informs him that Pratap’s interest lies in being kind towards others. Pratap runs away from the sabha while Suryabhan declares a punishment for Acharya. 

Later on, Sunaina brings Sanjay to Suryabhan which makes the latter happy. Suryabhan speaks to Sanjay and orders the latter to bring magical vehicles for him but he refuses to do so. A while later, he puts Sanjay behind bars while Mandakini asks D’Souza to clean her room. Shakuni tries to mend things with D’Souza. He shares his happiness with Pranpriye as he has finally got rid of Sanjay. And then he decides to make a plan to get rid of Dhritarashtra too.

Dhritarashtra and Gandhari spend some time together. Just then, Shakuni enters and informs them about his morning dream. Dhritarashtra refuses to kill the lion but Pranpriye helps Shakuni in executing his plan. Meanwhile, Pratap apologizes to Shanicharya for his actions after which Sanjay asks him to open the door of the bar. They try to escape while Suryabhan comes and announces the death penalty for Sanjay. Sunaina comes and rescues Sanjay from Suryabhan.

Shakuni brings Dhritarashtra to the jungle for killing the lion. Sanjay leaves from the palace with Shanicharya and Sunaina. Shakuni comes back to Dhritarashtra’s palace and announces that the latter is dead which leaves everyone shocked.

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