Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 7, 2020: D’Souza agrees to marry Shakuni

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: Shakuni celebrates his victory with Pranpriye and decides to marry D’Souza. Sanjay and Sunaina try to hide from the soldiers of Hastinapur.
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The episode starts with Sanjay requesting Sunaina to remain hidden until he returns after meeting Dhritarashtra. Sunaina sees her posters and runs from the spot. On the other hand, Pranpriye gets excited for Shakuni’s victory after which he leaves for his coronation ceremony. Later on, Sunaina changes her get up and steals the clothes of Dhritarashtra’s commander. Duryodhana declares himself as the new king of Hastinapur. He decides to punish the Pandavas for tricking him while Shakuni gets shocked to see the same.

Gandhari refuses to believe Dhritarashtra is dead and waits for the return of the latter. She asks Shakuni to take responsibility for Hastinapur till the arrival of Dhritarashtra. Sanjay tries to run from the people after watching his poster of being the culprit. D’Souza vents his frustration of working as a maid. Just then, Mandakini scolds him for getting relaxed. Shakuni arrives their and offers a proposal to D’Souza for getting married to him. Later on, the priest performs Shakuni’s coronation ceremony.

Duryodhana refuses to make Shakuni wear the crown but the latter still declares himself as the king. He decides to make Pranpriye his minister while Dhritarashtra’s commander gives him information about Sanjay being alive. Sunaina tries to hide inside a shop but gets scared after seeing some soldiers looking for her. She then changes her get up and disguises as a soldier. Sanjay meets Shakuni and disguises himself as Dhritarashtra. He informs him that Shakuni is a cunning person but gets shocked to see the latter himself standing there.

Sanjay escapes from the spot and looks for the person Shakuni is getting married to. D’Souza scolds Mandakini for misbehaving with him while Sanjay gets shocked to see this. Sanjay gets angry with D’Souza post which he informs the former about his situation. Later on, Sanjay falls from the window while escaping from the soldiers.

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