Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 8, 2020: Sanjay realizes Dhritarashtra is alive

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: Sanjay and Sunaina get surprised to see Dhritarashtra alive. The latter gets angry with Shakuni for the same.
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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho continues with Sanjay being caught by the soldiers while trying to escape. Sunaina reaches there and successfully rescues him. Sanjay and Sunaina get into an argument again after which he informs the latter about Shakuni’s trap for killing Dhritarashtra. Later on, the two of them get surprised to see Dhritarashtra alive. They take the latter with them while D’Souza tries to confront Shakuni about their wedding. Shakuni, however, gets excited about his wedding and refuses to listen to him.

Dhritarashtra makes Sanjay his younger brother. Sanjay also informs the former about Shakuni’s evil intentions. D’Souza proposes to postpone the wedding but Shakuni refuses to do so. Pranpriye informs Shakuni about Dhritarashtra’s arrival after which he leaves the wedding midway. Dhritarashtra praises Sanjay for saving his life and returns him all his powers. He also orders Sunaina to be his bodyguard. He declares a strict punishment for Shakuni for the latter’s actions. On the other hand, Shakuni daydreams himself with D’Souza disguised as Damodari.

Suryabhan gets angry with Shakuni for sitting on his throne. He reminds Shakuni how Dhritarashtra defeated him since childhood after which the latter shares an idea to defeat Dhritarashtra. Gandhari asks Dhritarashtra to forgive Shakuni but he refuses to do so. Shakuni tries to provoke him against Suryabhan later on. After that, he tells Dhritarashtra to vent his anger on Suryabhan and makes him ready to fight a Malyudh with the latter.

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