Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, April 9, 2020: Sanjay requests Sunaina to back out from the fight

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: D’Souza asks the women to fight for their rights. Sanjay tries to find a way to make Sunaina back out from the Malyudh.
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The show starts with Gandhari teaching yoga to Dhritarashtra. Just then, Sanjay arrives there and Dhritarashtra offers him to join them in performing yoga. Gandhari gets upset with Dhritarashtra for making fun of Shakuni. On the other hand, D’Souza disguised as Damodari gets angry for not receiving money for his work. He then encourages all the women to go on a strike and fight for their rights. Sunaina hides her identity in front of Dhritarashtra’s commander by disguising herself as Soniye.

Sanjay meets Dhritarashtra’s commander and gets surprised to learn Sunaina’s name. Dhritarashtra feels hot and orders the maid to wind him while his commander informs the former about the strike. Sanjay tells Dhritarashtra to fulfill their demands failing which they will not be going to work. Suryabhan arrives at Hastinapur and asks Dhritarashtra about the challenge. He asks the latter to introduce his wrestler after which Dhritarashtra’s commander thinks of fighting the Malyudh. Later on, he gets shocked to learn about his opponent’s identity.

Dhritarashtra’s commander makes an excuse to not fight the Malyudh while the soldiers make Sunaina ready to participate in it. Sanjay asks Sunaina to back out from the Malyudh as it will be tough for her but the latter refuses to do so. Sanjay reaches to meet the opponent wrestler but gets stunned to see Shakuni there. He then tries to learn the techniques from the wrestler during which the two of them hit Shakuni continuously. Later on, he tries to provoke him against Suryabhan and asks him to fight for his rights.

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