Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update, March 30, 2020: Dhritarashtra orders Sanjay to bring the necklace

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update: Sanjay suggests Dhritarashtra should gift a necklace to Gandhari. A while later, Shakuni traps Sanjay and steals his jewellery.
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In the previous episode of Maharaj Ki Jai Ho, we have seen that Sanjay missed entering the black hole. And now, Sanjay helps a man and drops him in the market. Meanwhile, Dhritarashtra summons Sanjay to the palace. He decides to gift something unique to Gandhari on their marriage anniversary. Shakuni suggests the former to gift a necklace to Gandhari but he rejects his idea. Dhritarashtra expresses his desire in front of Sanjay after which the latter recalls his conversation with Sweety.

Sanjay asks Dhritarashtra to gift a costly necklace to Gandhari which makes the latter happy. Shakuni gets jealous seeing this while Dhritarashtra orders Sanjay to bring the necklace. On the other hand, the Vaid tells Suryabhan that he is unable to find any symptom of a disease that makes the latter feel relaxed. Suryabhan gets upset when his queens leave him for not gifting them anything on special occasions. Dhritarashtra faces another problem in his kingdom and thinks to call Sanjay to resolve the same.

Shakuni meets D’Souza and discusses the problems related to Sanjay. Shakuni traps Sanjay and steals his jewellery. On the other hand, Suryabhan provides gifts to his queens but they refuse to accept them. Sanjay meets the same girl while on his way. The latter demands money from Sanjay after which he gets surprised to find his box missing. Dhritarashtra orders Shakuni to express his feelings on a painting. Dhritarashtra makes fun of the latter in front of the public but Gandhari scolds him for the same. He then informs Gandhari about his present. Meanwhile, everyone gets shocked after seeing Sanjay wearing leaves instead of clothes.


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