Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, November 28, 2019, Written Update: KK to be Caught

Today in Mere Dad ki Dulhan, Nia comes back home ans sees her house in water. Amber finally agrees for a Tenant but on one condition. Guneet and her men plan to get hold of KK
Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, November 28, 2019, Written Update: KK to be Caught
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Today's episode begins with Nia being unable to sleep and keeps turning around which disturbs Kajal and she mocks her to call her dad and ask him if she can sleep. Nia tells Kajal to sleep and not to disturb her, she looks up at a photograph of her and her dad and smiles. She remembers how her dad used to make her fall asleep and cries. Back at home Amber is trying to sleep talking to her wife's photo which he has kept besides him. He then remembers about the leaking sink and goes to check. Nia comes back home and finds water on the floor. She sees her dad throwing water out of the kitchen window and asks him if he is ok and apologizes and says she shouldn't have left this way, her dad tells her it will take time to adjust to new circumstances but they will sort it out and they together start cleaning the water. Nia play with the water while amber gets tired.

Suddenly a door bell rings and Ganshyam, Upadhyay and Shanti come in. They are amazed to see so much water and tell Amber they will throw the water out. Meanwhile Shukla and his wife to come and they all start cleaning the water. Amber asks Nia how did they come here. Nia tells her dad that she has made a whatsapp group so that they can be reached in emergency. Amber says that it is only for her use and not his. He asks Nia abou her concern about someone being with him while she's gone. She says she will be much more relaxed then. He allows her to keep the tenant but to tell him before taking any decision.

Guneet has decided to catck KK and recover her 18 lakh rupees. She makes up a plan and meets Pooja and her house owner's men at a restaurant. She tells them that KK is very smart and ha changed his avtar manya times and to identify him we'll have to look into his eyes. She says Pooja has called him with a much difficulty here and told him she will give him 10L rupees. She tells Pooja to calm down and tells her that she will be connected to everyone through video-calls and tells Pooja wait at the restaurant as she is sure KK will come. Back at Nia's house the agent brings a bachelor and says her dad has refused any tenants who are having kids. The bachelor criticizes the fiitings and construction of the house and tells many repairs are needed. This angers Amber Sharma and he lashes out at the guy saying he has done all this.  

Guneet asks her men if they saw KK, they all refuse. Suddenly a red car comes in. Guneet says she is sure he will be in the red car and house owner's amn asks his friends, Happy and Baby to catch him. Guneet looks closely at the man who got down from the car and says he isn't KK. Pooja asks whether she is sure KK will come and Guneet says he is a very greedy man and will come. Just then KK arrives on a bike but Guneet is unawre about that. He gets inside the restaurant and hears Pooja talking to Guneet that he always used to come in a Mercedes. Kk runs and hides behind a few trees and spots Guneet standing, understands her plan and smiles. Just then a waiter comes in and hands over Guneet a cup of Coffee. She says she didn't order any. The waiter says that, that man, pointing over to KK, has ordered it for her. She tells her man that KK came to know about their plan and has eloped as she sees KK going away on his bike.  

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