Naagin 3 February 9,2019 Written Update: Bela sends Maahir to Naaglok

Today in Naagin 3, we see how Mahir regains his memory and comes back from Naaglok safely.
Naagin 3 February 9,2019 Written Update: Bela sends Maahir to NaaglokNaagin 3 February 9,2019 Written Update: Bela sends Maahir to Naaglok
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In the previous episode, we saw how Sumitra gets trapped in the haveli while the rest gets trapped in a net where the bel patras keep them trapped. Vish, Bela and Vikrant inform Sumitra that the Naagmani was with Sumitra all along in the key chain of the safe that Sumitra had. Bela takes away the key chain and gets the Naagmani from Sumitra. 
Vikrant threatens Sumitra that they will not make a mistake to leave Sumitra alive and that they’ll kill Sumitra. Yuvi somehow manages to escape from the trap and captures Mahir and threatens Bela and Vikrant that if they don’t leave Sumitra he will kill Mahir instantly. Bela, Vikrant and Vish
gets worried and leaves Sumitra alone to save Mahir from Yuvi.

Bela tells Yuvi to leave Mahir while Yuvi tells Bela that Mahir will only be spared if they give Sumitra what she is asking for. Bela gets worried as Sumitra becomes adamant to throw Mahir from the top of the mountain if Bela doesn’t give the Naagmani to her. Bela asks Mahir to concentrate and ask him whether he is happy or not, to which Mahir has a flashback and answers Bela that he is very happy. The instance Mahir gives a reply to Bela she pushes everyone and gets Mahir from Yuvi. She uses the Naagmani’s power and stabs Mahir with it on his heart. Instantly Mahir starts to remember everything just when Bela pushes Mahir from the mountain. 

Sumitra threatens Bela to kill her when she informs Sumitra that if she kills Bela, how will she deal with Mahir for the Naagmani. On the other hand, Mahir falls from the mountain and is not hurt as he has the Naagmani with him. Mahir has a flashback which reminds him of everything that had happened with him in the past. He gets his memory back and comes to know the truth about Sumitra in the process. Just when he was thinking about all these, he finds himself surrounded by few men and tries to run away from there. The men follow Mahir and he tries to escape from their threat. Bela reasons out with Vish and Vikrant that Mahir will be safe in Naaglok as he had the Naagmani but his family was without any protection, so they need to first protect them from Sumitra and the rest.

Bela reaches the house before Sumitra and the rest and stops them from entering the house. Sumitra put up a show and accuses Bela to throw Mahir and kill him, just when Andy throws Sumitra and everyone out of the house. Andy leashes out on Sumitra saying that her truth had been revealed and that they no more trust Sumitra and the rest. Bela protects the house with an unseen protective layer with her powers which will protect the family from Sumitra and the rest as they will not be able to come inside the house if they’re not called in.

Assuring Andy and the other family members that she will soon come back with Mahir and that they are also safe from the Sumitra and gang, Bela leaves for Naaglok to get Mahir safely. The baba informs Vish and Vikrant that the situations at Naaglokis not healthy like before and that Bela will not be welcomed as Naagrani because she has upset a lot of Naags and also sent a human there. The baba also informs Vish and Vikrant that she will not be as safe as she used to be as a Naag Rani, and prays to Lord Shiva to help Bela and protect her from all evil. The instant Bela reaches the Naaglok, she is surrounded by a few naags who denies to recognise Bela and attacks her. Bela flees from there and worries whether Mahir was safe or not. Mahir is seen escaping all the naags who was following him and were trying to kill him with the power of Naagmani that Bela had given him.

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