Naagin 3 March 10, 2019 Written Update: Mahir saves Bela from fire

In this episode we see how Bela fulfills the second condition pf Hukum. However, she gets trapped in the fire.
Naagin 3 March 10, 2019 Written Update: Mahir saves Bela from fireNaagin 3 March 10, 2019 Written Update: Mahir saves Bela from fire
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Today in Naagin, we see that Mahir and Bela are taking vows and promising each other of their loyalty. The pandit instructs the groom to put sindoor on the bride’s forehead. With this the marriage is complete and the pandit instructs them to take blessings of the almighty and from the elders. Bela tells Mahir that the path here on is going to be difficult. However Mahir assures her that he will be with her forever. Ruhi tells Bela that she finally got married to Krish and Bela replies saying that she got married to Mahir. Ruhi wants Bela to go away from the house and Bela asks Ruhi which corner of the house would she want to reside in. Bela asks her to get Mahir’s father’s will in which it is stated the day Bela gets married to Mahir the property will be equally divided between Mahir and Bela. Ruhi says that she is okay with not getting the property as she is not after the money.

To this Bela says that Ruhi has decided to go back to the Naglok. After a brief face-off both the couple go into their respective rooms. Bela and Mahir are discussing how they have to find out the truth before their truth gets revealed. Elsewhere, Ruhi tells Krish to pretend to be Mahir and make Bela feel that he is cheating on her. Also, she gives him a bottle and tells him to put a drop of the content from the bottle in Bela’s meals everyday. She refuses to tell Krish what is in the bottle. Just then Ruhi is summoned by Hukum and she leaves the room. Juhi comes to Bela and Mahir’s room to inform them about Ruhi’s plan. They both leave to follow Ruhi, Mahir in the car and Bela in her snake avatar. They see a cave in the front. In the meantime, Sumitra is trying to find out where Ruhi would have gone and sends her son to look after her.



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While leaving the house he overhears someone coughing. He decides to go into Krish’s room to find out. Juhi was not able to turn back into Krish after smelling the content from the bottle that Ruhi had given. In the meantime, Bela and Mahir enter the cave and find Ruhi there. They try to follow her but are not able to get past the entrance of the live cave. Sumitra’s son gets into Krish’s room  but is not able to find Krish. He sees Juhi’s reflection in a mirror. Bela and Mahir argue over getting into the live cave. Mahir does not want Bela to go into the cave. After a brief discussion Bela turns herself into a butterfly and goes inside the live cave. Hukum and Ruhi are discussing their plans just when Bela who has turned into a butterfly is hovering around them. Hukum catches her and throws her down and she turns back into Bela.

She is surrounded by the guards. She turns into a snake and so does Ruhi. After a tussle she is finally able to see Hukum’s face through his reflection in a water body. This way she is able to fulfil the second condition however Hukum tells her that she won’t be able to fulfil the last condition and he and Ruhi disappears from there. Mahir is getting restless as its been quite some time that Bela has gone inside the cave and not returned. As a desperate measure he tried getting into the cave but is unable to so. He figures out that with fire he can bypass the cave. He saves Bela from the magical fire. Ruhi questions Sumitra’s son on why he went into her room. He asks her if she is sure that the man she is married  to is Krish? She is left pondering about it.


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