Naagin 3 March 9, 2019 Written Update: Bela dupes Ruhi; Mahir gets married to Bela

In the latest episode of Naagin 3, we see how Huzur is tricked into marrying Juhi and Bela and Mahir get married.
Naagin 3 March 9, 2019 Written Update: Bela dupes Ruhi; Mahir gets married to Bela Naagin 3 March 9, 2019 Written Update: Bela dupes Ruhi; Mahir gets married to Bela
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Today in Naagin, the episode starts with an argument between Krish and Sumitra, where Sumitra suggests Krish to not get so excited and stick to their plan. Bela, Vikrant and Kuhu comes in and mocks Sumitra and Bela. Bela congratulates Mahir and informs Mahir that she was also getting married to Krish. Here, Ruhi was seen chanting mantras just when Sumitra interrupts her process and informs her that Bela had come up with a new drama. Sumitra tells Ruhi that since Ruhi was adamant to get married to Mahir, Bela had now decided to get married to Krish. Sumitra expresses her concern about their lies getting revealed. Ruhi explains Sumitra that there was nothing to worry, as Bela was getting trapped in their plan. Ruhi tells Sumitra that their plan of getting Bela confused, was successful.

Meanwhile, Bela thinks that Ruhi was getting trapped in their plan, as she knew the truth about Krish being Mahir. In reality, Ruhi was the one who was seen getting overconfident and underestimated Bela. Mahir comes to Bela with a lot of gifts and Bela hugs Mahir, as she got an opportunity to spend some quality time with Mahir after a long wait. Later, Bela requested Mahir to explain about what he was planning to do next. Mahir explained Bela that he had survived the attack earlier. Mahir told Bela that he wanted to take revenge from Sumitra and the rest at all costs, hence, he put up an act of Krish in front of Sumitra to trap her in his plan. Mahir confesses that he was feeling terrible to cheat Bela but had to continue with the act, to keep everything in control. Mahir told Bela how uncomfortable it was for him to not be with Bela inspite of being around her. Bela questions him about the reason that was making Sumitra do this. Mahir tells Bela that he was instructed to be Krish and trap her in his love. 

Mahir informed Bela that Sumitra wanted to get Bela mentally unstable. Mahir gets disappointed as Sumitra was his mother. To sum up the whole thing, Mahir told Bela that the entire plan was constructed to get her to disclose the location of the Naagmani. Bela teases Mahir by telling him that she liked Krish more than Mahir. Mahir gets jealous and explains Bela that both Krish and Mahir was one and the same person. Bela and Ruhi, both get ready for the marriage. Team Ruhi and Team Bela get involved in an argument, just when the pandit tells everyone to call the groom. Ruhi, Sumitra and everyone gets shocked seeing Mahir’s doppelganger. Ruhi and Sumitra tried to anticipate who the other man was. Ruhi tests both the men and asks one of them to tell the code. As per Bela’s plan, the man knew the code and Ruhi takes him for real Krish who was helping her. Earlier, Juhi, Bela’s sister comes and surprises Bela. Juhi told Bela that she will help her by converting into Mahir and sit with Ruhi for the pheras. Everyone gladly agreed and the plan was set. Bela will marry Krish aka Mahir, while Ruhi will marry Mahir aka Juhi.


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