Naagin 3 May 12, 2019 Written Update: Mihir becomes a walking dead

Today in Naagin 3 we see how Sumitra, Tamsi, Rohini and Alekh kills Bela’s family in order to make her surrender. Later, Tamsi makes Mihir a walking-dead by taking out the soul from his body. While trying to protect Mihir, Vikrant loses his life.
Naagin 3 May 12, 2019 Written Update: Mihir becomes a walking deadNaagin 3 May 12, 2019 Written Update: Mihir becomes a walking dead
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In the previous episode, we see how Vishakha comes to meet Mohit’s family as Raima Sinha, his girlfriend while Tanya aka Tamsi gets raged to see Vish there. Later, Bela injures Tamsi by biting her. Shraavni tells Vish that she needed to inform her parents to go somewhere else and stay for a few days, before Tamsi hurt them. Just as Bela leaves, Sumitra, Alekh, Rohini and Tamsi come and tell Bela that she had to take the responsibility to remove the spell of the Naagmani which the Maha Naagrani had put on it. Sumitra and Tamsi threatens Shraavni to hurt her family members if she denied to get the Naagmani in its original form, like they wanted. Bela tries to escape and reach to her parents as soon as she could, before Tamsi could hurt them. Amidst the fight, Shraavni bites Sumitra, however, Rohini, Alekh and Tamsi followed her.

Shraavni reaches home and gets worried as she finds no one around. She runs towards Mihir’s room and sees everyone have fun. Seeing Mihir and his family safe, reality strikes and Shraavni gets panicked. She runs to her own house and finds her father covered in a pool of blood. She mourns his death and looks for her mother. She found that her mother was counting her last few breaths and before she dies, she blesses her to succeed in taking her revenge and for her future. Just then, Sumitra, Alekh and Rohini comes and laughs on Shraavni while Tamsi, looking at a helpless Bela and asks her whether she was ready to do as they want or she wanted to die once more. Bela gets infuriated and holds Sumitra’s neck, threatening to kill her while Tamsi with her power manages to get Bela fall on the ground.

Tamsi and Sumitra escape from there while Rohini and Alekh go through the other way. While Sumitra and Tamsi get involved in an argument about Tamsi’s lost power because of Bela’s bite, Vish comes and tells Bela about Mihir’s ill health. Shraavni rushes towards Mihir and tried to explain everyone that Mihir needed her as only she could save her. DM and Tanya aka Sumitra and Tamsi comes and manipulates the family to get Shraavni thrown out of the house. The security takes Bela out, however, she comes back, panicked about Mihir’s ill health. Sumitra and Tamsi mocked Bela for destroying Mihir’s existence, just when Mihir comes out like a walking-dead. Earlier, Tamsi had taken out Mihir’s soul from his body and had let his body die a natural death. Bela asks Tamsi where she had sent his soul and where would she find it. Sumitra comes to her rescue and tells her that Mihir’s soul was in the haveli where they wanted to send her also.

Without thinking twice, Bela rushes towards the haveli to rescue Mihir’s soul. Shraavni wanted to get the Naagmani free from the spell and tells Vish and Vikrant to take of Mihir while she would get the Naagmani. In the meantime, Mihir was walking aimlessly while Vish tried to send Samarjeet and Kanika home and promised them to take good care of him. Here, Tamsi shows Sumitra the bullet which had a poison by which no human could be saved, and aims at Mihir. Vikrant pushes Mihir and takes the shot himself by which he loses his life. Vish grieves on Vikrant’s death and fills with rage. 

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