Naagin April 13, 2019 Written Update: Bela convinces Hukum and Vishakha’s child Tamsi to play holi

Today in Naagin we see how Bela, Vishakha and Vikrant team up with Tamsi by convincing her to play holi with them. Later, Hukum comes in search of Tamsi when Bela, Mahir, Vikrant and Vish throws holy water and red kumkum on Hukum which makes him fall weak.
Naagin April 13, 2019 Written Update: Bela convinces Hukum and Vishakha’s child Tamsi to play holiNaagin April 13, 2019 Written Update: Bela convinces Hukum and Vishakha’s child Tamsi to play holi
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In previous episode, we see how Hukum managed to take Andhaka with him and came to know about the child being a girl. Later, Vish, Bela, Mahir and Vikrant reach the house to take the child with them and gets stunned to see a grown up kid in the room. Sumitra tells Vishakha about naming the child Tamsi and that she was Hukum’s child, hence she will grow faster than a normal child. Vishakha attempted to make Tamsi wear the enchanted neckpiece when she pushes Vishakha away from her. Sumitra tells how Tamsi doesn’t like somebody else touch her. Seeing Tamsi’s powers, Bela tells Vishakha that they will have to take Tamsi to Aghori Baba who can destroy her evil powers. Later, Mahir comes to Kuhu to celebrate holi while Vishakha tried to team with Tamsi against Vikrant in playing catch the cops. On the other hand, Bela throws colour on Sumitra who gets angry on her for throwing colour on her. Bela comes to Tamsi and explain her how exciting playing colours was.

She managed to get Tamsi excited who agreed to play colours in the party which Mahir had organised. Sumitra tried to stop Tamsi however she was adamant to play holi. Bela calls Mahir who makes sure the plan was ready for them to be able to take Tamsi to Aghori Baba. Later, Bultu traps Sumitra and Rohini in a net with bel patra leaves inside which makes them helpless. Here, Alekh warns Hukum about Bela and group’s evil plan. For the time being, Vikrant suggested that they forget about Hukum until he comes and play holi as it was their first holi together. Here, Alekh brings Hukum who releases Sumitra and Rohini.

He tried to catch hold of Kuhu and Bultu who trapped them but Bultu throws colour on Hukum which slows him. Earlier, Vikrant had replaced the red colour with kumkum and Sumitra learns that red kumkum was something by which Hukum gets affected. Bultu and Kuhu goes out to warn Bela and the rest about Hukum coming. Kuhu and Bultu trap Sumitra, Rohini and Alekh at the ground where the holi party was organised while Hukum was in search of Tamsi. Seeing Hukum here, everyone fills their pichkaris with ganga water and holds the plate of red kumkum and throws on Hukum. Hukum gets affected with everything and falls weak on the ground.


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