Naagin 3 April 14, 2019 Written Update: Bela brings Tamsi to Aghori Baba

Today in Naagin we see how Bela, Vish, Vikrant and Mahir manage to bring Tamsi to the haveli where Aghori Baba was creating the havan kund to destroy her evil powers. Later, in the turn of events, Tamsi kills Aghori Baba and Bela starts with the proceedings which Aghori baba wanted to do.
Naagin 2 April 14, 2019 Written Update: Bela brings Tamsi to Aghori BabaNaagin April 3 14, 2019 Written Update: Bela brings Tamsi to Aghori Baba
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In the previous episode, we see how Bela, Vishakha and Vikrant team up with Tamsi by convincing her to play holi with them. Later, Hukum comes in search of Tamsi when Bela, Mahir, Vikrant and Vish throws holy water and red kumkum on Hukum which makes him fall weak. Tamsi witnesses the whole episode of how Hukum falls weak in front of Vikrant’s plan of sprinkling holy water on Hukum. Sumitra asks Tamsi to remove bel patra leaves from them while Tamsi ignores their request and tells them that Tamsi did not have anyone and that she was all by herself. A few moments later, she removes the bel patra leaves from them and tells them to go and save Hukum. Alekh splashes fresh water on Hukum who gets relieved from the pain and Tamsi sees Hukum kill everyone.

While Alekh and Rohini attack Bultu and Kuhu, Hukum fights with Bela and Sumitra tries to kill Vish. Bela, Mahir, Vikrant, Vishakha, Kuhu and Bultu manages to trap Sumitra, Hukum, Rohini and Alekh and convinces Tamsi to go with them. Sumitra regains consciousness and splashes fresh water on Hukum who blocks Bela and rest from taking Tamsi with them. Here, Aghori baba prepare for a hawan to destroy Tamsi’s evil power and warns every naag present there to buck up as they will need all their powers to fight the evil soul in Tamsi. Hukum uses his powers against Bela and the rest while Tamsi manages to send Hukum to another world. Tamsi tells Bela and the rest to continue with their joy ride as she wanted to roam around. Bela and the rest bring Tamsi to Aghori Baba’s haveli and tells Tamsi that she wanted to talk to her.

Bela tells Tamsi that she had evil powers inside her which they wanted to destroy and tells her that she had to be willing to destroy the evil powers and give them a go ahead, only then will the mantras work on her. Tamsi tells Bela that she wanted to play and runs inside the haveli with a lightning speed. Everyone runs behind Tamsi to look for her while she gives everyone a good run. Bela tricks Tamsi and catches her but she denied to get defeated. Later, Aghori Baba becomes a victim of Tamsi’s anger and falls unconscious. In the meantime, Alekh brings Sumitra and Rohini to the haveli and brings kerosene to burn everyone inside. Seeing Aghori baba unconscious, Vikrant gets angry on Tamsi who gets annoyed and starts to destroy the haveli by creating a havoc. Bela, Mahir, Vish and Vikrant gets scared seeing the chaos Tamsi was creating. Later, they manage to tie Tamsi and Bela proceeds with the havan. In the meantime, Sumitra pours kerosene outside the haveli and puts the fire on.

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